April Bowles of Blacksburg Belle is another awesome female blogger that empowers women to build a business based on their creative hobby and I had the pleasure of interviewing her for my Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast.

She is passionate about helping women build a brand and business for those that are passionate about their artwork.

April’s blog, Blacksburg Belle offers sparks of inspiration and new ideas for the creative souls.  She offers advice from anything creative -such as the importance of designing, to anything business including time management, prioritizing goals, and marketing.

April used to have a career in social work, until she had to seek a way to express her creativeness.  She started out with blogging about her wedding and creating a niche site around this, which regularly got over 3000 unique readers per day.  When she got married herself the last thing she then wanted to talk about was weddings so she made the brave decision to leave it all behind and start Blacksburg Belle.

In this high energy interview we cover a lot of valuable blogging and business building strategies that have worked for April and how you can apply them to your online business.

Listen to this podcast interview with April to learn:

  • The keys to success for growing your readership through fearlessness and tactical self promotion
  • Top tactics for creating buzz and momentum weeks before your launch and how to get a thriving earlybird list and blow past your launch goals
  • The positive outcomes your business will see from offering generous free content of videos, worksheets, templates, and interviews.
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