You Are Extraordinary: Getting Over The Fear of Standing Out

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Amy Clover getting over fear

I used to live life constantly in fear.

Afraid I would be judged for how I looked, what I was wearing,
what I said.

Afraid I would fail at everything I set out to do.

Afraid that I would never know true happiness.

I was constantly watching myself from the outside, overly self-conscious of what other people thought of me.

I let it govern my life, keeping me from taking action and doing the things that made me happy because I thought they would keep other people from liking me.

I didn’t want to be that person.  I didn’t want to be a showoff.  I didn’t want to be singled out for rejection.  I didn’t want to try so hard to achieve something, then fail miserably while everyone was watching. I didn’t want to risk being told I wasn’t enough.

I was afraid of being extraordinary.

I find this to be a theme in today’s society:

Are you holding yourself back from being extraordinary out of fear?

You’re not alone.  MOST people feel this way.

I realized just how important it was to take action even in the face of fear only after hitting rock bottom first.

In 2005, I almost took my own life.

I had gotten to a point where I was fighting so hard against being my true self and trying to fit in that I didn’t feel like living anymore.

After being admitted to a program, I realized that I was fighting for the wrong side.

My whole life, I had been fighting my own extraordinariness rather than embracing it!  I was afraid of hard work, so I sank into my own depression, thinking it was the only option.

I wrote my book, Make This Your Moment: A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Life… for Good, to keep YOU from ever feeling like you are “stuck” without options.

You always have a choice.  You can choose to be your natural, extraordinary self, making the most of your life, or you can choose to submit to the passive changes that life will instill upon you.

Change will happen either way: you choose whether to have a hand in it or not.

I wrote Make This Your Moment to convince you, once and for all, that you are extraordinary.  You are worthy of the life you want, the goals you want to accomplish, the happiness you deserve just for being alive right here and now.

Writing this book in and of itself is an example of how I stepped out and took a risk in the face of fear. I didn’t know if anyone would want to read it.  I didn’t know if it would actually change lives or if people would call me a fraud.

But I refused to let my fear of success/failure (they go hand-in-hand) keep me from being as extraordinary as I deserve to be.

I believe you have the same choice.

You know that thing you’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but are afraid to start for any reason?  I think you should do it right now.

You are extraordinary.

Stop being afraid to show it and start embracing it with these steps!

Amy Clover getting over fear

Face Your Fear

It’s time to break out that journal.  We’re going to get intimate here.

When you think of that big thing you want to do, what fears come up for you?

Are you afraid of the possibility of investing time and effort and not seeing a result?

Are you afraid of failing?

Are you afraid of being judged?

Jot down any and all ideas that come to your head.

The act of writing down your fears has an amazing way of sucking the power right out of them. 

Look at those fears on paper.  Don’t they seem less powerful than they did in your head?  Amazing, isn’t it?

The fact that those words on that sheet of paper held so much power over you before seems a bit silly now, doesn’t it?

If you’re feeling a big release right now, awesome.

If you’re still scared out of your mind, no worries.

Knowing what you’re facing makes the next step a heck of a lot easier…

Take That Dreaded 1st Step

Now that you know your fears, it’s time to muster up the cajones to face them.

What is that 1st step you need to take to start your journey toward being extraordinary?

Divide your big audacious goal into small steps, then commit to taking just one at a time.

Don’t worry about your next step while you’re accomplishing the one before it.  Put all your focus onto that one step you’re taking at the moment.

If you need some motivation, Natalie’s post on getting unstuck really helped motivate me!


That fear you’re still feeling?

That will never go away.  The successful people in life just learn how to cope and take action in the face of that fear.

Learn how to breathe through it.  Talk yourself out of that panicky feeling and back to the step you’re on right now.

You can do this.


You are already extraordinary.

You don’t need to work on that part.  All these steps will do is rid you of the fear of showing it!

Amy Clover is a personal trainer, wellness coach, and blogger at Strong Inside Out, a blog devoted to empowering you through fitness and positive action to overcome life’s obstacles. She’s also the author of the recently published  Make this your moment – a step by step guide to changing your life and of making the decision to change so that it sticks. You should definitely check it out (Natalie says so).