[TSE 80] How to Master Google Plus and Start a Business from Scratch Using Social Media with Yifat Cohen

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How to Master Google Plus and Start a Business from Scratch Using Social Media with Yifat Cohen

If you haven’t jumped on the Google Plus bandwagon yet, today is the day you NEED to start.

Yifat Cohen, the Google Plus Go To Gal, offers straightforward advice on why we all need to be using Google Plus for the benefit of our businesses.

And what does she warn will happen if we don’t?

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Crazy, right?

How to Master Google Plus and Start a Business from Scratch Using Social Media with Yifat CohenI’ve been exploring the landscape, too and loving it with using Google Hangouts for the Highflyer Club masterminds and my personal masterminds.

The more I use it, the more I realize how important it’s become in the online business playing field.

Yifat has been on board with Google Plus since its inception and has spent 2 1/2 years helping people realize why it’s such a crucial tool for their businesses.

What’s more, all of her strategies are ones that are sustainable and contain nuggets of wisdom to build trust marketing as Seth Godin so famously popularized.

Listen to this podcast episode to find out what you should be doing with your Google Plus profile and how you can use it to build a wider audience and gain more clients.

Here is what you will learn in this podcast:

  • How to start a business from scratch using social media alone
  • Creating products to match your ideal customer’s needs when there’s no market
  • How to use Google Helpouts to create a new business revenue stream with no email list or website
  • Five things to do today to get started the right way on Google Plus
  • What Google Hangouts offers your business that lend to trust marketing
  • Three tips for using Google Hangouts comfortably for your best presentation
  • Why some of the A-list bloggers are still using Google Hangouts the wrong way
  • How to use Google Plus to build your ranking on Google and get new business
  • One major technique Yifat has used to build her expert status and authority in just two years
  • What her most relevant revenue streams are in her business among the several
  • What measures you should focus on for Google Plus (Hint: It’s not just all about the numbers.)

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In the comments below I’d love to know how you’ve been using Google Plus and what’s worked well or not so well.