Write Your Own Rules When You’re Building Your Online Business

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Jessica Oman - BYOB

As part of the Build Your Online Business December competition, I challenged anyone who bought (or who will buy) the BYOB Guide or audio book, to tell me what one thing they learned and implemented as a result.

These two entries are part of a December series where I will be publishing more articles from established and aspiring entrepreneurs like you and I who are looking to make a difference in this world and build a profitable online business they can run from anywhere.

These two ladies are forging their own paths in their respective businesses and ideas. I’d love for you to take a read and support them and then tell me about yours. We are all in this entrepreneurial journey together!

Write Your Own Rules And Charge What You’re Worth

After reading the BYOB guide I was inspired to completely redo my web site. I created a new layout, simplified the content, explained my writing services in bite-size pieces, and started introducing service packages that I could easily sell.

The new site has done wonders for my web traffic, which is up 50% since the relaunch. My SEO work has me landing on page one of Google for three of my keywords. Oh yeah, and business is up – I’m finding that my online clients are much more confident in me. They see my credibility and are more willing to part with their money to get what they need by investing in me.

My online and brick-and-mortar services I put together are up almost 40% since I implemented several of Natalie’s BYOB tips in my new site design. What’s more, choosing a price point where customers clearly see the value in what they’re paying for has actually increased my net hourly rate, and I didn’t have to change what I was delivering at all.

Jessica Oman - BYOB

Jessica Oman, Write Ahead Consulting, Canada, a business plan writing, copywriting and editing company. An MBA graduate from Simon Fraser University, Jessica also holds degrees in English and Education from the University of British Columbia.

Jessica’s middle name is “efficient” and she’s not afraid to give clients the straight talk they need to ensure their businesses will succeed. Jessica is a big supporter of the BC Lung Association and is also a member of Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and YES! Vancouver.


Culture Telling And Growing As A Blogger 

I am just starting out on a new entrepreneurial project and using Twitter focusing on global quotes and tips to promote intercultural connections and will eventually start a blog.  Build Your Own Business has been very helpful to me in giving me a realistic idea of what it means to blog, what my goals should be as a blogger and what makes a successful blogger.

Selena Jackson BYOBI really appreciate the straightforward nature of the information and the knowledge that blogging isn’t
easy but can be a very effective aspect of my business.

I also plan to create my one page business plan using the BYOB methods. Thank you for such great information!

Selena Jackson of @culturetelling USA, is a cubicle dweller with the hopes of going global. She is a fan of learning others’ stories and telling some of her own.

Selena is also a bit of an experience junkie and she hopes to put all of this together in a unique way to become her own Suitcase Entrepreneur. Watch out for her new website coming soon!

Don’t forget to check out this month’s competition to win coaching and cash from yours truly – Natalie Sisson (and thanks to all who have).

Answer me this: How do you write your own rules each day?