Win A Ticket To World Domination Summit And Change The Lives Of Hundreds Of Entrepreneurs With One Hundred Dollars

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$100 Change initiative

I was at the World Domination Summit two weekends ago and at the end of the summit, after a touching speech, Chris Guillebeau gave every single person who attended $100 back. In the space of perhaps 7 minutes he essentially gave away $100,000.

Mind blowing right. And oh so smart because of this reason:  He asked us to do something with it – start a project, surprise someone or do something entirely different. And now everyone’s thinking about how to spend that $100.

When he put this $100 bill in our hands, he charged us with this great responsibility to do more, to make a difference, and in my mind, to think big. This was directly related to his new must read book: The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future.

I figured, why not see if I can do way better than helping just  one person, and do justice to Chris’ generous $100 investment.

I want to take that $100 and give it to not just one person, but hundreds.

I want to see if I can turn it into $100,000 and give almost all of it back to entrepreneurs who could do with a boost for getting their business off the ground.

My original aim was to get people to pledge $100 knowing that $50 of it would go to a Kiva project and $50 to a deserving entrepreneur UNLESS they were that deserving entrepreneur and they’d receive $5,000 or $10,000 from the total amount pledged.

I wanted to take all pledges and basically then give it all back to 5, 10 or even 100 entrepreneurs as a cash payout to put towards their startup. The more you supported this initiative the more I could give back.

My whole aim with this is not to make money but show people what’s possible with just $100 and an idea.

I got so excited I started brainstorming names with other cool WDS attendees whose opinion I value and came up with:

Change 100

100% change

100 in 1

100 x 100

Then a few smart people told me that I’d probably run into legal issues as you’d have to set up an investment fund.


Others mentioned it’s kind of like gambling or a lottery: Pay this much and you could get 10 x your investment …or not.

Double dammit.

But they new my intetions were honourable and that I really did just want to see if together, with $100 change we could make a major change in hundreds of peoples lives.

To avoid the legal ramifications (big thanks to Kyle Durand for talking me through how to do this), I then thought what If I offer 100 days of awesome inspiration on how to create your ideal lifestyle and business.

This would consist of 1 short but inspiring email a day for 100 days, which by the end of you’d be in a much better place to know what the heck you’re doing with your biz and life. A blueprint of sorts.

I realized that while I could do this by myself, you’d much rather have a bunch of amazing people who have incredible lifestyles and businesses telling you how they did this and imparting their wisdom, tactics and strategies instead.

May I present the $100 Change Initiative

Be inspired by 100 Change-Makers in 100 Days for $100.

$100 Change initiative

I’m going to get 100 change-makers to share 100 pieces of amazing insight and resources (in different formats from video, to text, to audio and even bonus giveaways). I’m then going to provide these in a set of daily kick-ass emails that ensure you get one step closer to creating your ideal lifestyle business.

These short and sweet nuggets of wisdom will guide you towards making significant change in your life and business so that at the end of 100 days you are inspired to take bold and purposeful action.

I’m going to do this, I promise you that. It’s big and bold and daunting but many change-makers have already stepped up and I’m thrilled. Now it’s your turn.

If you want to get behind being part of the $100 Change Initiative then I need you to step up and get on the early announcement list.

Here’s what that entails:

1. You give me your name and email. I will not abuse it.

2. You get an email to confirm you want to be on the list

3. You receive a welcome email with special instructions

4. You play your part by following these and sharing this initiative.

It’s as simple as that. Just for doing that I will let you know, before anyone else, when the project is gathering momentum and how you can be part of the 1st of September launch.

Oh and I’m giving away one ticket to the 2013 World Domination Summit valued at $500 on the one month anniversary of Chris giving $100 away. But ONLY to those on this list.

By the way there’s a much BIGGER piece to this $100 Change initiative.

I want to give the profits back to you. That’s right you!

You invest in this, you invest in yourself. I believe in you. We change lives.

That’s the big ass impact I want $100 Change to have.

I’ll divulge more over the coming weeks (so get on the early announcement list here), but in a nutshell – the more people we get involved in this initiative and supporting it the more I can give back to help you achieve your dreams.

I’ll announce the winner of the ticket to the World Domination Summit on Sunday 5th August at 6pm EST

Get on the list.

Help me shape this initiative by telling me what you think of it and who you consider a change-maker you’d like to hear from. Thank you!