Why the Mastermind Alliance is Such a Powerful Business Tool

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WE Mastermind Retreat 2012 with Pam Slim

Last November I had six of the best days of my life.

I was on a cruise ship, in the Caribbean, hosting our first ever Women Entrepreneurs Mastermind Retreat with Natalie MacNeil.

We all set sail from Miami and cruised the high seas together, along with special guest Pam Slim, and the result was nothing short of fantastic. Why?

Because nothing gets you to where you want to go faster and more powerfully than a weekly or monthly mastermind alliance.

“The “Master Mind” may be defined as: “Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose. No individual may have great power without availing himself of the “Master Mind.” ~ Napoleon Hill.

Getting together with a group of like-minded people (either in person or virtually) through a mastermind, is like firing a rocket launcher at your goals for business and life- things explode and go sky high, very quickly!

Seriously. You have no idea how life-changing mastermind groups can be.

Yet I still think it’s the mastermind is the most under utilized business growth tool out there.

That’s because to truly make a powerful mastermind work for you, you need the right people and a united vision, and you also need to commit to showing up and doing the work. And that ain’t easy to just pull together and make happen.

Yet the benefits are huge. Not only on an economic level, where you can use your mastermind alliance like your own personal Board of Directors, gleaning advice, expertise and knowledge off them to become more successful.

But also on a spiritual level. When you bring together an alliance for the sole purpose of mutual success, a “Higher Creative Force” actually comes into play, allowing you to achieve more than will ever be humanly possible on your own.

The Very Real Benefits Of Masterminds

If you’ve ever been part of a group working towards a common goal or vision, you’ll know that when it’s right, real magic can happen.

You can practically move mountains and achieve more than you ever thought just by tapping into the wealth of knowledge, talent and smarts within your mastermind group.

WE Mastermind Retreat 2012 with Pam Slim
WE Mastermind Retreat 2012 with Pam Slim

Let’s take a look at the benefits of a Mastermind Alliance:

  • Leverage the wisdom and real-world experience of other business owners when you need it
  • Receive creative ideas for improving your business including strategies and tactics that work
  • Get major support and encouragement from a group of peers who only want the best for you
  • Reach new heights in your own life and business as a result of being part of your peers success
  • Access a wider network of fantastic contacts, referrals and connections from your alliance
  • Get instant accountability, and the incentive to monitor your progress to reach your goals
  • Raise your income, strengthen your mindset and become more productive and effective

So now that you are more convinced that this is something you need to be part of, how do you go about doing this.

Well you can certainly start your own Mastermind if you’re game – get Liz Seda’s free Mastermind Guide here (thanks Scott Dinsmore too) to find out exactly how.

Liz actually joined our retreat last year and wrote this EPIC post on why she loved the entire experience and what she learned.

Or join forces with an existing one, that you think is the right fit for you – these are usually invite only or require an investment.

Or you can consider the WE Mastermind Retreat I’ve put together, along with Natalie MacNeil this November 2013.

What Is The WE Mastermind Retreat?

Sun, fun, sizzle and serious business booty shakin, breakin and makin! Let’s put that outrageous statement in context.

The WE Mastermind Retreat is based on many of the principle foundations that power our highly popular WE Mastermind program, which starts again this May 2013.

It’s an entire week of cruising around the Caribbean, on board the fully refurbished `Glory’ ship with 20 fabulous women happening 10-17 November 2013.

This year we’re going bigger and better with a whole week of masterminding, more sessions and two superb guest speakers – Ashely Ambirge (shit yeah, we are beyond excited) and Kyle Durand (so popular from last year we had to bring him back).

You’ll get treated to the following sessions:

  • Create your Massive Action Plan (MAP) with Natalie MacNeil, to hone in on your mission, your big picture goals, your profit objectives and tackle any limiting beliefs.
  • Proven Method To Build Your Lucrative Sales Funnel with yours truly, from first website visit to converted happy paying customer and beyond
  • How to Build a World Class Team on a Budget with me again, which covers how to get started in outsourcing and making the key hires to rock your business
  • Stuck Up Bitch Brand with the amazing Ashley Ambirge, from The Middle Finger Project, to help you stand out, get noticed, get more clients and loyal fans.
  • Ignorance Is Not Bliss with Kyle Durand, which will cover 5 things every entrepreneur needs to know about setting up a business to save money, prevent headaches and keep the government off your back.

You also get all of this deliciousness on the retreat:

  • Mastermind sessions held over the space of seven days to take your business to new heights
  • Your own oceanview room for an inspiring view each morning
  • All your meals, including fine dining each night with our fabulous group so we can get to know each other better
  • One off-shore activity we organize as a group outing (think sailing, adventure, snorkeling)
  • 24-hour room service, food options galore, clubs, bars, swimming pools, spa and fitness centre, casino and daily entertainment
  • Plus unforgettable memories and an incredible bunch of new friends and strategic alliances for life

I could go on and on but it’s all described right here on the WE Mastermind Retreat website, plus raving testimonials from the lovely ladies who formed our mastermind alliance in 2013.

What’s the investment?

This year I joined a 1 day mastermind for $2,000. That’s on the low end of investment, I’ve considered joining others for $10,000 just to access the people who are part of it.

Our Mastermind is underpriced, straight up. We know it.

The thing is we are focused on our vision to ensure we help 10,000 plus women (and of course men) to start and build profitable businesses they love.

We want to make this easy to do, ridiculously supportive and massively beneficial, that’s why we are keeping the price within your reach (and way less than the cost of our one-on-one coaching).

The price of this retreat is more than last year but it’s still super affordable and includes more `everything’ in 2013, including two guest speakers and 2 more days at sea.

There are two pricing options so go and check them out – oh and there are payment plans.

The things that you really need to know are:

  • Spots are limited (many have already gone to our WE Mastermind members who came last year) and once Ashley puts word out we think they’ll sell out very quickly.
  • It’s first come first served and YES it’s even better if you bring a friend as it’s double the trouble and fun and even more affordable (we will be vetting you too)
  • It’s a week in the Caribbean for pete’s sake – what more could you want to supercharge your profits and pump up your spirits?
  • It’s non refundable or exchangeable once we’ve booked you on so you need to be certain you’re in (and yes you can bring your partner)
  • Men are totally welcome, truly, it’s just that the WE Mastermind program this came from is designed for women entrepreneurs

I’ll leave you with a photo (not photoshopped) from last year’s retreat to whet your appetite.

Cruise ship heaven on WE Mastermind Retreat