Why Seeking Advice From Experts Will Make You Love Your Small Business

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Janine Ogg and Jo Foster of Love Your Small Business

I fricking love entrepreneurs who are taking action and making shit happen. I’m not sure anyone else in the world knows how much boundless energy and determination it requires to grow your own business.

To celebrate this, I created the ‘Build Your Online Business In One Month And Win‘ December competition. I challenged anyone who bought the BYOB Guide or audio book (or will buy), to tell me what one thing they learned and implemented as a result. In return they (i.e you) can wish cashola and coaching prizes.

This entry is the first in this December series where I will be publishing more posts featuring established and aspiring entrepreneurs,like you and I, who are looking to make a difference in this world and build a profitable online business they can run from anywhere.

I have personally been touched by their honest and inspiring stories and I know you will too.

BYOB In Action

This entry is from Janine Ogg and Jo Foster from Love Your Small Business, New Zealand

Janine Ogg and Jo Foster of Love Your Small Business

We have learnt so much from the BYOB guide, I’m not sure where to start.

#1  First learning – there’s a whole world of ideas in the internet and social marketing space that I didn’t know about and it’s really exciting to think about how you can creatively apply them to your business.

#2 Always, always seek help and advice on areas of your biz you are not an expert in – the BYOB resource has saved me hours of time searching around learning and looking for this information.

#3 There are lots of different ways you can use the internet to generate revenue or income for your biz including some I hadn’t thought about until I read the guide, like sponsorship.

The one thing we took away from the BYOB guide that we have applied to our business and the outcome from that? 

#2 Always, always seek help and advice on areas of your biz you are not an expert in – the BYOB resource has saved me hours of time searching around learning about social media and online marketing for our business.

The value we got from the tips and resources in the BYOB guide also inspired us to invest in a Mastermind group (a big step) because the penny dropped that although it was a serious investment for us, getting expert support and advice from others is what is going to take us to the next level. The outcomes of that decision have been great so far:

  • We are networking with a wonderful bunch of inspired women entrepreneurs
  • We are making huge progress in our business as a result of the expert advice we are getting.
  • We are a lot clearer on our target niche and what we have to offer them
  • Our confidence has skyrocketed
  • We have almost completed our profit strategy and it’s looking very exciting (and achievable)
  • We have some great leads for hosting our first retreats in early 2012

So for us the BYOB has been about more than Facebook pages, Twitter and building a list or affiliate team, because it inspired a mindset shift that has led to big change!

LoveYourSmallBusiness was founded by Jo Foster and Janine Ogg, two intrepid Kiwi Entrepreneurs with a great passion for combining business with making a difference. Their mission is to help you build a profitable lifestyle business that will unleash purpose, creativity and wealth into your life. The LoveYourSmallBusiness approach is about digging deeper and designing a business that is aligned with who you really are and what is important to you. From there, Jo and Janine will connect you with the tools and expert resources you need to translate your vision into a profitable business. 

  • I am so happy to see LYSB recognized Natalie, they have been a huge support to me in the WE Mastermind Group and I took an online Business seminar from them that was a big help to me in translating purpose for my small business into Intentions and Goals!

    • Natalie

      That’s so awesome to hear Jene. I didn’t realise that. These ladies are definitely rocking it and absorbing everything and putting it into action.

  • oh shucks, thanks you guys! can’t wait to see what the next 3 months brings. Cheers to everyone in WE for your support and advice via the forum, it’s the best investment we have made so far and that’s not just a plug because we are affiliates (how could we not be ) we really mean it!!!)

  • I am so inspired by the girls from LYSB! They are rocking the biz world and I can’t wait to see what they come up with at the end of the WE Mastermind program.

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