Why Jealousy Is Actually The Inversion Of Desire

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In this final Fearless Factor video with the lovely Heather White, she talks about that feeling of jealousy so many of us deal with on our entepreneurial journey.

When you see other people doing better than you it can be hard not to judge and feel jealous from time to time, it’s a natural reaction.

Jealously is a loud and clear message being sent to you that you need to work to your advantage.

  1. Write down what you are jealous of, acknowledging it makes it real
  2. Ask yourself ‘Is this want you want yourself?’ and if yes then hallelujah
  3. Reach out to the person you’re jealous of and ask them how you did it tell them they inspire you and ask them for their insight and advice on how they achieved what they did

Heather wants to leave you with this message:

Fear is never going to go away. Focus instead on the definition of courage, which is to act in spite of your fears

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Heather White with The Suitcase EntrepreneurPlease give a big shout out on Twitter to our Fearless Factor Resident Coach Heather White on @Heather2020 for her time and knowledge during this series.

Heather is a rocking entrepreneurial business coach who helps clients strike a dynamic balance between grounded self-care and accelerated profitability. Marrying these characteristics with discipline and attitude has enabled her to work with some global business leaders.