Which Is the One `Free Meeting Webinar Service’ to Rule Them All?

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Webinars are an incredibly powerful marketing and sales tool and so it’s not surprise that there have been a spate of services popping up to offer us entrepreneurs better ways to promote, market, demo and teach online for free.

Yet there are still some gold standard services that offer you the best webinar experience in town and in this post I’ll highlight the two top ones you should try and two free webinar services as an alternative.

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I run at least one webinar a month personally, and I host monthly coaching calls with my Highflyer Club members where I want to share my screen but let them chime in too, and I like to do screen sharing for clients when I’m coaching them on tool and social media strategy.

There are a number of webinar services these days and if I’ve learned one thing, it’s worth paying for a great platform, so I’m sharing two paid and two free services below for you to choose from.

On the paid side it’s come down to two key platforms for me, aside from starting to use Google Hangouts as a great alternative to a webinar service.

1. Gold Standard Webinar Platform in GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar Free Trial

With GoToWebinar, you can give presentations, run great webinars, perform product demonstrations to up to 1,000
attendees, anytime, anywhere — all for one flat fee.

The main key features that differentiate it above other services out there are:

  • Automated Email Templates: Using your Webinar description, GoToWebinar will craft your email invitations, confirmations and reminders for you; or you can customize them.
  • Customized Branding: Upload your company logo and a custom image to show your brand on all Webinar materials.
  • Full-Service Registration: GoToWebinar will host your registration page and send you weekly registration reports.
  • Unlimited Audio: You can use included VoIP and toll-based phone options to reduce audio costs.

This last one is probably my favorite feature, that people can turn up and ask questions or comment or call in without needing to dial in and just using their laptop speaker and mic.

2. The Fastest and Easiest Meetings Ever with MeetingBurner

MeetingBurner really cater to the entrepreneur with their straight forward, clean and easy to use interface, which you can see demonstrated on their home page.

I’ve used their platform for several group coaching calls and webinars and love the clean interface, easy to use layout and fact that their loading time is beyond quick and there’s no software to install.

I also like that:

  • You can duplicate your webinar if you want to run it again, or a similar one
  • You can charge for your webinar if you want it to be a paid training, through MeetingBurner’s integration with PayPal at the registration page
  • They integrate social media sharing so people can sign up through Facebook and;
  • MeetingBurner have the functionality to auto-replay your webinar at a later date.

Free Online Meeting Options

AnyMeeting has a free option with their webinar platform that allows you to have up to 200 attendees. The layout and interface is very similar to GoToWebinar if you’ve been using that.

You can also include a survey in your registration sign up which is handy and even better their recording software provides you with a link after  you‘ve finished to view it via their platform (no more hassles converting a video format and making it viewable to your attendees).

The downside is your registration form has advertising at the top (hence why it’s a free platform) and the share buttons include a little advertising blurb about using AnyMeeting (which you can edit out).

You also can’t have two presenters talking or presenting at the same time.  So you have to stop talking. Turn off your microphone. Set them as the current speaker and then they’re off and running. Great if you both know what you’re doing – that’s why I advise to get on the call 30 minutes before your attendees arrive.

FreeScreenSharing.com is an online meeting and web conferencing tool that is perfect for screen sharing, product demonstrations, webinars, training sessions and much more – and all is absolutely FREE! Just in case you didn’t pick that up in the name….

According to them: “All it takes is your name, email address and a self generated password to get started. When you register you’re provided with a complimentary FreeConferenceCall conferencing account to use during your online meetings.”

However, if you’re like me and you already have an account you’re welcome to use your existing conferencing account or any account you prefer.

I haven’t yet checked out their service but having used their free conferencing line in the past with no problems this is another alternative you may want to try.

Have you used any of these services or found another you want to share?