What Riding A Motorbike Can Teach You About Your Business

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Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway
Lookin’ for adventure
And whatever comes our way

Yeah I think I was `born to be wild’, and deep down, if you’re looking for more freedom in business and adventure in life, then I think you are too.

So it was when I was out on the Kawasaki Ninja 650 cc that I realised how much riding a motorcycle relates to running your business.

Trust me it does, even if you can’t ride a bike….

Episode 8: Three Things Riding A Motorbike Can Teach You About Your Business

That’s why in this short video I take you along on my motorcycle adventures in Thailand to share the 3 most valuable insights I gained while being back in the saddle, and how you can apply them to your business perspective.

You also get to enjoy glimpses of the idyllic island life of Koh Mak, through to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in Thailand.

It’s been 7 years since I’ve been in Thailand and it was so good to be back. Known as the land of smiles, the people are warm and friendly and while you do still get ripped off by Tuk-Tuk drivers, the rest is just as I remember.

Great and cheap food (Thai happens to be one of my fave cuisines), idyllic postcard perfect islands to relax on, random transport options that just seem to appear and workout for you.

On Koh Mak, an island around 4.5 hours North East of Bangkok by bus or car, you can hire scooters without even leaving a passport, name or drivers licence!

You can also rent a cabin on stilts that sits over the water, with doors that open up to the most relaxing view of the ocean and surrounding trees (in the water) for as little as US $24 per night.

While there I swam around 1.4km across to a private island, kayaked, explored the island by scooter with my friend, and played Frisbee on the beach.

I also ran a live webinar at 1am with Matthew Kimberley and launched our excellent Project Program the second time around and got 30 new enrolments in the program in the space of a few days.

So that proves you can run your business (and make money) from just about anywhere.

From there I went on to Chiang Mai (a short flight from Bangkok) to enjoy an Ultimate Frisbee tournament, free temples and a variety of great locations to just chill out and eat, drink and observe.

Plus it’s also the perfect place to hire a scooter or motorbike and explore, and that’s what my friend and I did, heading up to Chiang Rai around 3 hours away on motorbikes.

My days of moto-x soon came back to me as we weaved our way through the mountains, seeing elephants, waterfalls and enjoying the freedom the road allows you.

Watch the short video below to get a quick overview of my travels and learn 3 business tips

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Tell me in the comments which of the 3 aspects I mention you can use most in your business now?