What really determines whether you succeed or fail?

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Cable Bay Rose with Waiheke Island in the background

“What really determines whether you succeed or fail is …how you respond during a period of pivotal moments. The Creation Crux – where the legends are birthed, where opportunities are punctuated by the opportunity to rise above and lay claim to genius.”

More on that in just a moment.

I feel pretty blessed today. I’m sitting with a delicious glass of Cable Bay Rose on Waiheke Island after a super successful Friday and waiting for one of my best friends to pick me up to have a girly night on the island.

I held a successful Social Media Workshop with a law firm for 3 hours today at this very winery, with my friend Kirsten Hodgson. Then I co-hosted the first WE Mastermind Coaching call which totally rocked and we answered so many great business questions around finding your niche, launching your product, and defining your market.

Cable Bay Rose with Waiheke Island in the backgroundI then finished it all off with a juiced up power hour with my partner in crime Natalie MacNeil on our future plans for growth and awesomeness – and a well overdue getaway together.

All this while enjoying a gorgeous location, where the sun is still shining and I’m looking out to the incredible blue sea and the lush green hills. Sounds pretty idyllic right? You betcha it is.

Was it always this way? Not at all.

Not until I sat down to lunch with fear and told it all my hopes and dreams and thanked it for being in my life, but that I had better lunch buddies to hang out with.

When I think about it my entire life has been determined by being confronted by fear and either running far from it or, far more commonly facing it head on. Knees shaking, negative thoughts filling my brain, defeatist attitude…. giving way to a

`Hell no! This is my life, my decision, my choice whether I make the most of each and every moment. Not yours Fear.’

It’s something I see others battle every single day. It’s one of THE most common factors I speak with people on a daily basis. I’d like to see more of those battles won and I think I’ve found a solution – or at least a major strategist in the tactics of winning this battle of fear. It’s called

Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields

I’m a big fan of Jonathan having met him in person at Blog World in 2010 briefly – I’m not sure he knew I even existed. Then we spent time at World Domination Summit where he delivered a powerful speech. To July, where I had a whole hour in his presence, on the rooftop of the club he likes to do his creative work from, in New York City.

He’s been a believer in me as a blogger and writer long before I believed in myself, letting me guest post twice on his stunningly popular (for obvious  reasons) blog. He’s one of the good guys – strike that, he’s one of the great ones. With a curious mind, an entrepreneurial spirit that’s on fire and an ability to produce an unbelievable book that I couldn’t down.

Uncertainty is about what goes on in your head, your heart and your gut as you strive to create anything truly extraordinary.

One of the single greatest determinants of high-level success is to manage and even seek out  sustained high-levels of uncertainty, bundled lovingly with a risk of loss and exposure to criticism.

As Jonathn puts it, this book will give you a better understanding of your own creative process, and a set of concrete daily practices and environmental changes, that will allow you to reframe uncertainty, risk and exposure as allies for creating and innovating on a level you never thought possible.

As I put it, in my review on Amazon:

Captivating From The Very First Word

Jonathan Fields not only knows how to write, he knows how to make leaning into your fear sound like the best thing to do in your lifetime. Packed with inspiring stories and practical steps to overcome your doubting mind and instead live your best life, Uncertainty is a book you’ll refer to again and again.

Jonathan’s combined a thoughtful mix of research, theories, facts and philosophies into his book that make it completely compelling and hard to argue with. He is, in essence, aiming to remove the barriers to us playing small and being crippled by doubt and fear, and giving us every reason to just get on and do it!

Dream big, make it a reality and enjoy every moment that life has to offer.

I’m kind of bias but I think if there’s a book you’ve been waiting to buy this year, it should be this one. Read other reviews and grab your copy of Uncertainty – digital or hardback here.

Jonathan is giving me a signed copy of his book to give to you. Simply share this post and leave a comment below on why you want to lean into your fear and get on with living your best life!

PS that does not mean you should not buy it, you can gift your unsigned copy to someone who needs it and replace with with Jonathan’s signed one!