What Is The Real Cost Of Missing That Flight

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I’m often amazed during 3 decades of travelling (since a baby), 45 countries visited (multiple times) and hundreds, if not into the thousands of flights I’ve taken, that I’ve only missed one.

Of course I’ve narrowly missed several due to not giving myself enough time, underestimating the line in customs, and being assigned a gate that is 3 miles away at the very end of the airport!

It’s rarely been anyone else’s problem but mine. I can’t blame the traffic, not knowing the directions, or forgetting to check my itinerary.

Yet every time I’m in an airport I see some disorganized person miss yet another flight. They made the booking weeks, if not months back. They paid good money for it. They woke up on the day with the same amount of hours as everyone else. So why on earth did they miss that flight?

Lack of planning. Lack of accountability. Lack of systems

Those are the key ingredients for why people miss more than just a flight in their life. They miss out on opportunities because they’re simply not prepared for them. They too busy working on things that just aren’t important or helping them get ahead in business.

But there’s something even more important in this analogy. How did missing that flight effect everything else they had planned for that day – a holiday, a conference, a friend’s wedding, a business meeting?

How much did it cost them in terms of taxi ride to the airport, or parking, or getting a friend to drop them off, not to mention the ticket cost that they have now forfeited.

How much time have they just wasted? I’d say 4-6 hours – the time spent getting the airport, checking in, going through security and rushing to the flight – all for nothing. If they calculated their hourly rate into that I’d bet they lost at least $250 if not much more.

I see this same pattern repeating in our businesses. I speak to so many people online and offline who seem to think that doing the same thing they’re doing will get them different results. If they work more hours, take on more shitty clients, and just try harder.

It completely baffles me. No I am not perfect by any means but by gad I continue to refine and tweak all that I do on a daily business to become more efficient, more effective and a better business person.

I’ve put in place systems, I’ve pulled on board mentors and accountability partners to keep me in check. I’ve spent months tweaking copy on this website to ensure people find out about my social media coaching, my business coaching and what I have to offer.

I plan, I organize, I create, I produce. More importantly I ship.

Then I help others to do the same. One of the most successful ways I’ve achieved this so far is through my signature program – Passport to Business Freedom.

Passport to Business Freedom is an 8-week virtual program starting June 1st exclusively designed to ensure entrepreneurs create profitable businesses that allow them to have the lifestyle they deserve.

What does that actually mean? It means I’ve taken the 8 key areas of business that people struggle with most. I’ve found the expert in that area. I’ve interviewed them to draw out their amazing knowledge. I’ve then recorded those videos, produced transcripts and actionable workbooks with 2-4 exercises to go and do each week to make you and your business that much more successful.

And what do I know that you will walk away with? Exactly what all the past members have:

  • A simple, solid, flexible, and profitable business plan that works
  • Specific options on how to bootstrap your business and how to raise capital to scale it
  • Productivity strategies that boost your bottom line and your energy levels
  • An alluring brand platform that attracts your ideal clients
  • Step by step techniques on how to create a storm of free publicity and media attention
  • The knowledge and confidence on what to outsource to free up your time
  • A list of actions to turn you website into your number one sales person
  • A greater focus, clarity and awareness of how to lead a healthy balanced life

If it sounds too good to be true then I’d watch the video testimonials from past members. I asked them to be completely honest and tell it how it is.


This flight takes off on June 1st

If this is one flight that you fancy taking then I’d be thrilled to have you on board.

Prices start at just $77 for economy class. That’s a crazy good deal and will last you a lot longer than flight you’re about to take – don’t miss this one.

There’s a lot of extra goodies this time around too including a bonus module from Carina Lyall on

How to Reduce Stress in Your Life and Discover The Power of Living In the Present Moment.

All in all I think this program is incredible value for the investment. Spots are limited to 30 and they’re already filling up.

Go and take a look today if you have a business that needs a makeover, a kick up the bum or a business idea that deserve to brought to reality.


  • ArmiLegge

    Wow Natalie!

    This looks amazing and I can’t wait to see how it works.

    Building system is soooo crucial for pretty much every aspect of life. As sidsavara from Blogcast FM says:

    “If you don’t have a system, you don’t know what you’re doing.”

    This is fine if you’re in the “creative zone” because you should be coming up with stuff that you aren’t sure will work or not because it’s so new and amazing. For things that are repetitive and boring like flights, you need systems.

    People don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan.

    Great post Natalie:D


  • NatalieSisson

    @ArmiLegge sidsavara thanks friend. So you’re signing up for the Passport to Business Freedom program then? 😉 Systems take time to develop but they actually give you more freedom. It’s a discipline that leads to more time, more space, better prioritizing and so much more.

  • ClaireKerslake

    Hi Natalie,

    Just a query about the passport to business freedom course – I am definitely a ‘newbie’ & still working on getting my website up & running, writing copy & still yet to write programs. I was thinking that I am not yet quite ready to ‘hit the ground running’. Will you be opening the course again this year or do you think I should give myself the extra shove & dive in? As I work fulltime & am developing things on the side I don’t want to overcommit but also don’t want to procrastinate either.



  • NicoleFende

    @ClaireKerslake Hi Claire, I know you didn’t ask me, but I’m a nosy so and so 🙂 I think you are in the perfect zone to take this course. Natalie starts you off with business planning which really should be done before you launch. Good luck!

  • NatalieSisson

    @ClaireKerslake Hi Claire

    Great to hear from you and a common question asked. I would say 15% of past members have not had a business, been working full time but wanted to get working on that idea they’ve always had. In reality they’ve often made more of this program then those with a business. Mainly because they have soaked up the information, taken the hour or so out of their week (often on a weekend or weeknight) to go through the fun but highly valuable exercises and then acted on it.

    That often has been the clarifying moment for them as they work through their business plan, brand message and business model. So I’d say there’s no time like now to commit. Plus the materials are designed to come back to at any time, I don’t expect people to complete all of it in the 8 weeks, you apply what you need to your business/ idea as it fits.

    And yay great to see you’ve signed up too since our email chat. Thanks Nicole for stepping in and answering too!


  • ClaireKerslake

    @NicoleFende Hi Nicole,

    Thank you so much for your encouragement!



  • ClaireKerslake

    @NatalieSisson Hi Natalie,

    THanks for your great advice. I’m really looking forward to the course. I guess I just needed that friendly little nudge in the right direction!


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