What Do You Want To Know About Being a Location Independent Entrepreneur?

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So for the last year I’ve been producing videos that focus on my travels and sharing business lessons.

I’ve taken you around the world on my travels so that we could be on location together.

You’ve seen Why Borneo is a Dream Destination for Animal and Nature Lovers, and that Brunei is the Land of Unexpected Treasures and Instagram Entrepreneurs and many many more.

And while I know you’ve enjoyed them. They’re actually not focusing on what I want to help you with – which is building a business you love from anywhere.

They also take a ton of work to produce, and the quality is not always great because I like to go minimalist using just an iPhone. But that’s changing.

I’m going to get me some new accessories and make these videos look a whole lot more awesome – but still my `on the fly’ and not polished style, you’ve come to know and hopefully love.

The New Suitcase Entrepreneur Show

So it’s time to change things up. I went ahead and shot this short video about what’s coming next and how you get to shape this new show.

[leadplayer_vid id=”517B8F0B97BB8″]

I want to produce regular video shows, on location to talk about:

  • Building your online business tactics
  • Social media strategies
  • Hot online tools to save you time and money
  • How to be more productive and outsource
  • What it’s really like to be location independent
  • How to manage jetlag and what to pack
  • How to deal with clients while you’re on the move

You get the picture.

But what do you want to know?

Tell me in the comments below what questions you’d like me to cover to help you to build freedom in business and adventure in life?

I’ll feature your questions and a shout out to you in each video starting right now.

Let’s go!