Want to Fly Free On Virgin America And Make Your Startup Fly?

Posted on / by Natalie Sisson / in Business Travel / 9 comments

I’ve long been a huge fan of Richard Branson. As an entrepreneur who’s built an empire worth billions, while having fun and traveling around the world, he defines many of the ideal qualities of a suitcase entrepreneur.

What’s more he’s built one of the world’s premiere airlines renowned for being sexy, sassy and fun and when I finally got to fly on Virgin America last year I was really impressed. Purple lighting, luxurious seats that were actually spacious and on demand movies and wi-fi – this girl’s dream come true. I thought my name looked so good next to the Virgin brand I took a photo of it!

I’m also a big fan of free air travel so put all that together and you can tell I’m very excited to announce that today you could be flying to your next business meeting in style and for free. Why? Well today is the first day of summer and so I think it’s the perfect time to elevate your business to new heights.

I’ve teamed up with YFS Magazine for the inaugural 2011 Make Your Startup Fly with the Virgin America and Samonite Giveaway. Here’s the lowdown on what’s on offer:

One savvy entrepreneur has the opportunity to win two round trip flights to any Virgin America Destination and one stylish Samonsite Luggage set.

Plus to sweeten the deal every entrepreneur  that enters this contest will also receive  some hot discounts on offers from leading small business brands that support entrepreneurs like you and me – hint some of these are cool tools that I talk about in my Ultimate Toolkit and use in my business.

Full disclosure this is not paid for or sponsored. I just get to partner with some great companies and spread the word about them and The Suitcase Entrepreneur and give you a exclusive opportunity to win some cool free stuff.