Visualise Your Business Future With The Power of a Painted Picture

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Future is full of opportunities

I just celebrated my birthday, and I always find that this special occasion opens you up to more reflection and introspection.

I thought it was about time I came clean on my grand vision for my business and life . I feel like I’ve been keeping it from you.

So today I figured I’d take the lid off my dreams and share them with you, candidly.

It’s a little scary being so open but it’s also something I pride myself on.

At the start of the year, during the most productive week of my life (aka my digital sabbatical), I had the time to read a lot of books.

One I loved was Double Double, by Cameron Herold. In it, he talks about creating your Painted Picture.

Clarifying Your Business Vision

A Painted Picture is a clear vision of where you want your business to be, three years from now.

He suggests you get out of your office or normal working domain (which for me is never normal) to actually write it.

I have found that the best way to start your Painted Picture is to sit by the ocean, go up into the forest, find a spot in the mountains, or even do what I did when I wrote the Painted Picture for BackPocket COO: lay in your backyard in a hammock and just start sketching or writing.  Chapter 1 FREE here gives you more tools too…

It’s a really interesting exercise to go through each section of your business (and your life), writing out your vision in the present tense.

It’s powerful too. It’s as if you’re already there and you can visualise what the future looks like…which is the whole point.

It got me all jazzed up reading about what I wanted my business to become. Even though I’m not there yet, seeing it written down on paper, just gets me excited.

It took me about two hours in total and it was challenging, and also fun. I mean you get to let all your inhibitions go and dream up a grandiose vision for what you really want your business and life to look and feel like.

I shared my painted picture with my team in January, and I know Cher reads it weekly and feels pumped by it. I opened it up on my birthday and realised I should honestly be looking at it more often myself.

Then I remembered, Cameron says that if you publicly share your painted picture, it makes you even more accountable to achieving your business vision.

So here it is. 

I highly recommend reading the first chapter (or the whole of) Cameron’s book to create your painted picture. He shares his right there in the book and it’s really moving.

The reason you don’t go past the three year mark is that you need to keep one foot planted in reality, while still be able to `lean out into the future’ as Cameron says.

Plus, you and I know how hard it is to visualise 5 or 10 years out, especially when you’re just starting out. Three is much more manageable and achievable, but still requires you to dream big.

That’s why I cover how to create your own powerful Painted Picture in my Freedom Plan program in a whole module! Learn more at

Go ahead and tell me in the comments ONE thing you’d write in your Painted Picture