[TSE 91] How to Profit from Your Passion and Publish Multiple Books with Farnoosh Brock

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[TSE 91] How to Profit from Your Passion and Publish Multiple Books with Farnoosh Brock

Farnoosh Quote 2Working in the corporate world as an electrical engineer, Farnoosh Brock always knew that in order to find happiness again, she needed a big change.

So she started thinking with her heart instead of her head, quit her cushy job and came up with a fool proof plan so that her husband could do the same!

With health top of her mind for achieving her new lifestyle, she was able to transition into a full time blogger, build a stable life and travel the world. She also turned her passion into a reality by coming out with a her very own smoothie and juicing books. Sounds like that’s just what the doctor ordered!

Now, Farnoosh is here to help you. With a step by step guide on how to build and utilize a successful marketing platform and tips on keeping it personal, her story is one you won’t want to miss out on!

In this podcast, she talks about her triumphs, but more importantly she goes into detail about the projects that didn’t work out so well. Giving you a realistic view into the world of entrepreneurship by touching on niche markets, building relationships and how to be your best most creative self, Farnoosh unveils her secrets to happiness and success.

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • The projects and products that ended up working out. Hint – it’s not what she was anticipating!
  • Why she found that professionally formatting your book and being clear about your message will set you apart and further your career
  • Do you know what your readers want? How listening to your readers can make a world of difference to your success
  • Smart marketing and directing cold traffic from your book to your platform
  • Why you can’t rely on Publishers to market your book, BUT a few tips on what you can do about it
  • How the amount of effort you put into a project will directly affect your outcome and experience
  • Farnoosh’s go-to smoothie recipe, why it’s her favourite and how it benefits your body

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