[TSE 89] 48 Lessons to Apply to Create Freedom in Business + Adventure in Life

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48 Lessons to Apply to Create Freedom in Business + Adventure in Life

Celebrating 4 years in business thanks to finding my sweet spot!In April 2010 this girl, yeah me Natalie Sisson, set out to start her own business. Four years later and it’s going stronger than ever.

I think as entrepreneurs we don’t take enough time to celebrate the milestones, both the small wins and the big ones, like this.

Being an entrepreneur is no mean feat, in fact it’s one of the hardest roles you’ll ever undertake in your life, but one of the most rewarding.

That’s why to celebrate my 4 year anniversary, and to celebrate YOU the entrepreneur I’ve gone ahead and taken 48 lessons gleaned over 48 months and put them into this special podcast episode.

I would like to share these lessons I’ve learned from creating freedom in business and adventure in life.

I hope these lessons will not only educate you, but help motivate you through the tough times when you doubt yourself. Your entrepreneurial journey will be one of ups and downs, so here’s to more highs than lows!

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • My 48 lessons to apply to building a business + lifestyle you love

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