[TSE 67] How WPCurve Turned Pain Points Into Profit with Dan Norris and Alex McClafferty

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When Dan Norris started WPCurve, a business devoted to offering small website tech fixes on a subscription basis, Alex McClafferty knew that he had to jump on board as a cofounder.

When I first heard of the service I was like “Oh boy, these guys are offering such a great solution to a huge pain point.”

In fact it was a pretty big source of my frustration when I was starting out blogging and I know sooooo many of you who complain about this to me daily.

How WPCurve Turned Pain Points Into Profit with Dan Norris and Alex McClafferty

If you’re not naturally a geek or focusing on the tech side of your WordPress site drives you nuts, then you are their ideal client. Letting go of these niggly details that are also so critical to your website and blog functioning like clockwork, allows you to focus on what you do best and therefore make more money!

What’s interesting about these two is that even though they’ve never met, and living in different countries, they’ve been able to build a profitable business together, proving that location really doesn’t matter when it comes to building partnerships.

But a great partnership is only one piece of the puzzle that makes for a revenue-happy business.

In this podcast interview, we talk about how these two were able to gain paying customers in the first week of launching and how that customer base has exponentially grown in just four months.

What’s more, their in-depth knowledge of what their customers want has propelled them to build a totally new business based on content marketing that’s already on the rise.

Here is what you will learn in this podcast:

  • What you can offer that will set your business apart from your competitors
  • One massively important strategy for creating a great relationship with international partners
  • The most important thing to maintain when you have a virtual team + international co-founder
  • One thing that you’re probably doing to limit your profitability and growth
  • Which simple business model they use to focus on what’s most important
  • What you should replace your assumptions with so your business can succeed
  • How they manage their customer support system
  • Why content marketing will work for your business

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