[TSE 66] How to Start an eCommerce Site and Hit Half a Million in Revenue with Andrew Youderian

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[TSE 66] How to Start an eCommerce Site and Hit Half a Million in Revenue with Andrew Youderian

Can I tell you a secret?

Even after building my business up to where it is now, I’m still not where I want to be in terms of my revenue goals. In fact as an entrepreneur, you should always look to be growing your business.

I’m always exploring new options for creating residual income so I can create something sustainable for myself. Which, I’m pretty sure is what you want for yourself, too and luckily there in today’s podcast we discuss one of those.

[TSE 66] How to Start an eCommerce Site and Hit Half a Million in Revenue with Andrew YouderianAndrew Youderian has leveraged the power of eCommerce to create a ton more freedom in his life than his corporate job as an investment banker would ever offer him. He’s built two profitable eCommerce sites and his own website eCommerceFuel – a site based on teaching others how to dive into eCommerce from scratch.

With that in mind, Andrew started on eCommerce as a total newbie, and he specifically focused on mastering drop shipping – where you focus on selling one or more physical products, but you don’t hold any inventory and the product is only sent once the purchase is confirmed.

From that end eCommerce is a great low risk business option and requires less commitment too, but you can certainly build up to make millions of dollars from.

Fast forward to today and Andrew’s two eCommerce niche sites run completely automated and his second site alone made over $500k in revenue in the past year!

Crazy, right?

So even if you’ve never heard of drop shipping or are only vaguely familiar with the concept of eCommerce, get ready for a lot of actionable advice and tips that you can apply to your current business model.

Here is what you will learn in this podcast:

  • Three ways to get started with building your own eCommerce site
  • One big mistake that people make when building their eCommerce site and how to avoid it
  • What type of value you can add to an eCommerce site that is critical to making sales
  • Which three characteristics you need to evaluate in order to choose a niche
  • How you should choose suppliers and three tasks to do before you even speak to one
  • How to know if eCommerce is the right path for you based on your interests and knowledge
  • Five lessons Andrew learned around site design, SEO, and marketing while building his second niche site to $500k
  • How his site eCommerceFuel creates engagement and sales through his forum

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