[TSE 63] How to Make Your Next Product Launch Lucrative with Anne Samoilov

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[TSE 63] How to Make Your Next Product Launch Lucrative with Anne Samoilov

Anne Samoilov has proved to be the leading lady in the online launch field.

She first started out with the likes of Laura Roeder and Marie Forleo (she ran the very first launch of RHHB School), which taught her the ins and outs of highly profitable + successful launches.[TSE 63] How to Make Your Next Product Launch Lucrative with Anne Samoilov

Since then, she’s established herself as the go-to launch strategist for women building online businesses and has been teaching online entrepreneurs all about the art of launching.

So if you’ve wondered why your latest eBook or digital program didn’t make nearly the amount of money you thought it would, you’re going to hear tonnes of tips you can start to implement right away for a lucrative launch in this podcast episode.

Here is what you will learn in this podcast:

  • What one strategy you know but should be doing more strategically with your launches
  • One negative trend Anne has been seeing lately and how she helps her clients overcome this issue
  • What three key metrics you should keep in mind for your launch goals
  • What you need to be doing 1-3 months BEFORE you launch in order to make profit
  • What profit expectations are realistic for your launch
  • How you should plan your guest blogging strategy for consistent community building
  • Why Anne undercharged for her first program and what gems of wisdom she got from it
  • What you should do to discourage people from constantly asking you for lower prices and discounts
  • What types of team members are critical during your launch

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