[TSE 61] How to Build Your Virtual ‘A Team’ So You Can Fire Yourself with Natalie Sisson

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[TSE 61] How to Build Your Virtual 'A Team' So You Can Fire Yourself with Natalie Sisson

In the past six months a lot has been happening with my business including the launch of my No#1 Bestselling book on Amazon as well as a 2 month long book tour.

In addition I have written 4 other eBooks, done a ton of interviews and traveled like a crazy mofo! As a result my life and business has seen a lot of pivots, transformations and growth.[TSE 61] How to Build Your Virtual 'A Team' So You Can Fire Yourself with Natalie Sisson

While there have been a ton of highs, there have also been many moments where stress got the better of me and I realised I was hanging on to many aspects of my business still – despite thinking I’d handed over so much to my team.

After a few too many of those moments I came to the realisation that I was not a superhero and I was definitely under utilizing the team I had.

I needed to start making moves forward so I could accomplish one huge goal of mine – to fire myself from my day to day operations of running my business!

What I experienced I’m sure other entrepreneurs have experienced or are in the midst of experiencing.

You feel the need to scale your business or to hire help, but you have this internal voice telling you that you need to do it yourself because no one else can do it as well as you or that you can’t possibly afford to take on help.

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Do yourself a big favor and don’t listen to that voice.

We’ll talk about more of the mindset shifts, budget concerns, and answers to juicy questions you might have in this podcast episode.

At the end of it, you’ll know what you need in order to really take your business seriously and create more revenue and more freedom, which at the end of the day is why we’re all here.

And stick around until the very end as I share some secret insights into an experience called the Mile High Club coming up that will help you build a virtual A team and take your business to the next level.

Here is what you will learn in this podcast:

  • Why you’re probably the bottleneck in your business
  • How the ‘3 Lists to Freedom’ can help you gain clarity about which tasks to outsource
  • How an organization chart will help you fill the gaps in your business one role at a time
  • What documents you absolutely need in order to create functioning systems
  • Which four types of team members you need on your core team
  • Which four types of team members you need on a project basis
  • Two main ways I find my rockstar team members
  • What spreadsheet I use to manage the key pieces of my entire business
  •  Eight tools which are essential to my business

In the comments below, tell me one action you’ll take to start building your virtual A team.

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