[TSE 59] Automate Your Business and Set Up Seamless Systems with Tina Forsyth

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Automate Your Business and Set Up Seamless Systems with Tina Forsyth

Raise your hand if you’ve felt the pain of not having enough time, being overworked, and feeling underpaid ever in your business.Automate Your Business and Set Up Seamless Systems with Tina Forsyth

I know I have, and it’s likely that you have, too.

Tina Forsyth, author of The Entrepreneur’s Trap and CEO of Automate Your Growth, refuses to let herself or others run a business like that and has spent her career finding the best online systems that do the work for you.

As she says, “I love my work, but I don’t want to work that hard.”

She is adamant that you shouldn’t be dealing with the day to day stuff because it severely limits you from building your business.

When I took my digital sabbatical this year, I read Tina’s book The Entrepreneur’s Trap and just couldn’t help but continually nod my head and agree with her with each page I turned.

Her book and her systems have totally changed how I run my business.

Even though I knew some of the systems I should be putting in place, she really inspired me and kicked my butt at the same time to start implementing them.

So what systems does Tina say you need in your business to free up your time and make more money?

Listen to this podcast episode to find out.

Here is what you will learn in this podcast:

  • What an online business manager is and why you need one if you’re looking to expand
  • How much an online business manager costs and how to work with one
  • What two key systems you need to have when you’re first getting started
  • What a ‘yes list’ is and why it will skyrocket your productivity
  • How Tina went from being an online business manager to owning her own business
  • Difficulties Tina has found in managing a virtual team and the solutions she has to remedy those

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The Entrepreneur’s Trap: How to Stop Working Too Much, Take Back Your Time and Enjoy Life

Automate Your Growth

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