[TSE 50] How to Revamp Your Personal Brand and Create a Community of People Who Trust You with Jenny Blake

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Jenny Blake

Jenny Blake is an author, speaker and micro-business coach who is passionate about helping people move beyond burnout and build a dynamic, sustainable career on their own terms. She believes in slow growth and big risks.

Jenny Blake

She started her first website, Life After College, nearly eight years ago, while working at a start-up and later Google.

In 2011, the year her book came out, she made the tough decision to quit Google after five and half years at the company.

Despite a massive fear of failure, she knew she would forever regret not taking the chance to see if she could get her own business off the ground.

For the first time, she was willing to spend every penny of her savings if it meant being able to do more of the work she loved. Thankfully that didn’t need to happen, and she joins us today after two years and counting of successful solopreneurship.

In those two years, her book was featured across 1,700 Target stores, she’s built a career as an international keynote speaker, and after a year of hard work behind-the-scenes, she just launched a website under her own name, Jennyblake.me, with the aim of exploring how to thrive at the intersection of mind, body and business.

In today’s podcast, learn more about Jenny’s big leaps and even bigger transitions. We’ll talk about the investment of time, effort and money that big moves sometimes require, as well as the uncertainty that comes with entrepreneurship, but also the invaluable rewards that follow.

In this podcast interview, you’ll learn:

  • Jenny’s valuable approach to building a community and the one tool she used to create trust
  • How she got her book deal and the pointers she has about the book writing process
  • How her master book planning template got into the hands of Seth Godin
  • One marketable skill that she was building even though she wasn’t making any money from her blog
  • When she realised that she couldn’t work at Google and Life After College at the same time anymore
  • How she created her first course, the Make Sh*t Happen program, and had it sell out within the first 24 hours
  • Her mindset that helps her manage uncertainty and avoid burnout
  • What it was like working with a brand strategist for her website relaunch with 5 key questions that you can ask yourself for your brand

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Key sites mentioned in this podcast:

Book Marketing 15-tab Template 

Website Relaunch Template

Make Sh*t Happen course

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