[TSE 49] How to Create Super Valuable Content That Outranks Big Budget Competitors With Greg Ciotti

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Sparring Mind

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After just 8 months of blogging, Gregory Ciotti grew his email subscriber list to over 100,000 subscribers.

He achieved this in part due to his love of research papers, that the average person finds dry and boring, and pulling out real nuggets of wisdom to craft into killer blog posts.

You can find these very blog posts over on his highly popular psychology marketing blog, Sparring Mind.

Greg has built an online reputation for writing such in-depth yet incredibly valuable evergreen content and doing it consistently.

At first I wondered how he was able to write so prolifically and at that level of quality but turns out it’s what he loves to do most, not only on his blog but as the marketing director at software startup Help Scout.

 With all of his psychology and writing experience, he’s mastered a way to compete against the huge players in the online field with bank accounts to match through the power of content alone.

In this podcast interview, he shares key content creation strategies that he’s used on his blog and Help Scout to regularly outrank authority sites.

He also reveals the methods he uses to curate and produce consistent, enticing content so his subscribers look forward to every single post, and how you can do the same.

Here is exactly what you will learn in this podcast:

  • What compelled Greg to start Sparring Mind in the first place
  • The 2-step system he uses to create valuable, in-depth content on a regular basis
  • Two questions to ask yourself each time you write anything for your blog
  • Why he doesn’t agree with epic content being the only way to go when it comes to the content creation space
  • How he differentiated a not-so-sexy topic like customer service and created a strong content creation strategy to drive new leads
  • How content gives you a real advantage over competitors with more advertising dollars to spend online and get noticed
  • Two strategies for creating killer headlines that were behind a couple of his most popular posts
  • Why the psychology of your website design is so important
  • Two super effective strategies for repurposing content

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