[TSE 47] How to Become an Outsourcing Expert and Build a Virtual Team with Chris Ducker

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Chris Ducker + Natalie Sisson share tips on outsourcing

While much of the world loves Chris Ducker for his endearing British accent, there’s a tonne more to him than meets the eye (or the ear for that matter).

He’s a serial entrepreneur with a real offline business he’s run for over 10 years in the Philippines as the founder of Virtual Staff Finder.

He also runs a popular blog, and his New Business Podcast has grown really quickly with rave reviews. Plus he’s regularly called on as a speaker and expert on virtual staffing and outsourcing.


He’s been super helpful as a big supporter for my Suitcase Entrepreneur Book, and we started a joint Facebook group accurately titled ‘Chris & Natalie’s Book Marketing Adventure.’ as his book `Virtual Freedom’ comes out next year.

And he has a cheeky sense of humour like mine, that makes him incredibly easy to get along with.

Last time you saw him, we were chatting about outsourcing in his new co-working space in Cebu, Philippines.

In that video, he gave the suitcase entrepreneur community awesome insight about all of the juicy benefits of co-working.

But today we’re talking about something that ever single entrepreneur struggles with…delegation!

If you’ve been feeling the pain of handing stuff over, you’re gonna want to get a notebook and pen to write down all of the valuable information that Chris dishes up about effectively outsourcing.

We talk about all of the stumbling blocks that really trip people up when they first get going and how to hire the right virtual assistant and virtual team.

There are so many misconceptions that new and seasoned entrepreneurs have, and you gotta avoid them if you want to succeed with outsourcing.

What’s more is you get insight into exactly how Chris filters his email with his virtual assistant and instructions for an exercise that he’s been using for years to realise what you should actually be outsourcing.

Listen to this episode of the Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast to learn:

  • How Chris learned to outsource effectively after years of experience in the business world

  • The top tips about outsourcing that will transform an entrepreneur’s daily life

  • What tasks suitcase entrepreneurs can outsource to virtual assistants

  • Step by step method to use when you’re an outsourcing newbie

  • What you can expect to pay to have a full-time virtual assistant

  • The one virtual assistant that every single online entrepreneur can not and should not live without

  • 5 tools that are lifesavers when it comes to working with virtual assistants

  • One task that you can’t and should never even attempt to outsource

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Key tools and sites mentioned in this podcast:

3 Lists to Freedom instructions

Get a piece of paper. Draw down 2 lines. Create 3 columns.

  1. First list is a list of all of the things that you don’t like doing.
  2. The second list is a list of all of the things that you feel like you can’t do yourself.
  3. The third list (the most important!) is a list of things that you feel as the business owner that you shouldn’t be doing.

Then ask yourself: Are you working in your business or on your business?

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What is one tip that has really worked for you when it comes to outsourcing tasks? OR Tell me one thing you’re going to delegate today!