[TSE 44] How Pat Flynn Makes $50K a Month from Blogging, Niche Sites and Being Nice

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Pat Flynn on Suitcase Entrepreneur podcast

Pat Flynn’s key strategy is to `be everywhere’ and it’s obviously working as he is quite simply crushing it online and off, all while being one of the nicest and most genuine guys in the business.

He’s built a frickin huge platform and amazing brand with Smart Passive Income, by staying true to his core values of being honest and transparent, as you’ll learn in this interview.

Let’s put this in perspective, Pat has:

  • Increased his income every month and in January made over $50,000.
  • Reached over 3 million downloads of his Smart Passive Income podcast
  • Had over 2 million views on YouTube and;
  • Has 60,000 plus RSS subscribers to his blog!

Pat Flynn Smart Passive Income with Natalie Sisson

Before he took that reign of King Fynn (as I refer to him), his life was on the exact conventional path that he always imagined. He was an architect in his dream job, and life was going exactly how he wanted including getting a promotion.

During this time he was studying for the LEED exam and had created a website to help him study the incredibly difficult material. Given it was such valuable information to others, and written in Pat’s honest and deeply informative style, it started getting a ton of traffic.

Then, all of a sudden he was laid off in 2008. He was devastated and racked his brain as to what he could do next, that didn’t involve getting another job.

He came back to his website and thought perhaps he could do something to make money from it, aside from asking people for donations.

He wrote a study guide for his site that took around 6 weeks, and put it up for sale on his Green Exam Academy website.

The result?  He ended up making close to $8,000 in the first month!

The rest is history. He started Smart Passive Income and became his own guinea pig, sharing his wins and failures along the way, even posting monthly income reports for everyone to see.

The incredible thing is, he doesn’t actually sell any products or programs, or do coaching or consulting – yet he earns more in one month, than the average person wil in a year.

Not only that, Pat loves to give back, by sharing as much as possible on what he learns and applies, so that you can get off your butt too, and try to build your own business.

In this podcast episode he reveals exactly how he’s built a huge audience that adores him and essentially monetized himself and his brand.

Listen to this podcast interview with Pat Flynn to learn:

  • How Pat started his business online as an accidental entrepreneur, which changed his life and made him wildly successful
  • The biggest mistake Pat made when he started (& how this tactic saved him when his site was down for a week)
  • How he made $8,000 in his first month and the exact ways he monetizes his site
  • The two things that he does that gets people to go out of their way to use his affiliate links
  • Three key pieces of advice you’ve been waiting to hear about starting your own niche site

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