[TSE 40] Own Less and Live More By Becoming A Minimalist With Joshua Becker

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As a suitcase entrepreneur, there is no option but to live the lifestyle of a minimalist. It makes it super easy to say no to things that you know you don’t need simply because you can’t carry them with you.

Take a look at all of the stuff you have in the room around you right now.

How much of it is totally necessary? How much of it was stuff that you just had to have but haven’t used in four years? How much of it was bought to impress other people?

Well, when Joshua Becker, of Becoming Minimalist, took a look around his life, he started to recognize that he was filling it up with stuff he didn’t need and that took his time away from his family. He decided to put a stop to the consumption madness.

In the beginning, he had no intentions of creating a popular blog that made money, but it happened naturally because he had something to teach that people were hungry to learn.

All while maintaining his job as a pastor.

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What You’ll Learn In This Suitcase Entrepreneur Podcast Interview

  • How Joshua turned his life into one of minimalism after a crucial moment that changed his entire perspective
  • What tipping point made Joshua start taking his blog seriously after a year of just “journaling” his experiences
  • What crucial shift needed to happen in his writing in order to create an audience of over 100,000 monthly readers
  • Why it was so straightforward and simple for him to write his first book that is still his #1 bestseller
  • The one big misconception bloggers have when writing their book that needs to end today

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