[TSE 39] How to Build Your Business Brand Using Your Sassy Personality and F-Bombs with Ashley Ambirge

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Ashley Ambirge

Personally I have a girl crush on Ashley Ambirge, and I know I’m not alone. This super sassy and amazingly talented digital entrepreneur has built a multiple six figure business from her laptop.

Clearly marketing herself as the “go-to copywriter + online marketing sexpot for businesses + brands who want PERSONALITY” has paid off for her, because you can’t help but love Ash.

If you’ve not yet visited The Middle Finger Project, then you’re missing out. Ash manages to combine her wit, charm and travel stories (mainly about drinking and hot guys) with rock solid, bang on marketing and business advice for solopreneurs.

Ashely Ambirge is rejecting the status quo and rebelling against mediocrity

And all this since only 2011, which was her first year in business (she started freelancing in 2005) and that’s when I first came across her too.

I was so impressed with her ballsy move to create a product called 97 in 11, in which she told you exactly how she was going to make $97,000 in a year – talk about accountability to the max.


Naturally I supported her efforts 100%, I mean who doesn’t want to see someone succeeed who has so blatantly put themselves out there in such a big way…oh and she totally surpassed her revenue goal.

Ashley comes from a `similar’ background to me, as in real world corporate experience, predominantly in marketing for both big online companies to tech startups, including being the Director of PR at Aweber, one of the most successful email marketing providers.

We had both discovered each other online through our blogs and so hooked up on a Skype call back in early 2011, which more like a speed-dating style catch up on steroids.

She was living in Santiago, Chile and I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She’s currently in Costa Rica and when you read this I’ll be back in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. So yes we `get each other’.

Along with helping her clients to make more cash, she’s an online marketing, sales and copywriting instructor, and she runs the copywriting division of TMF called, appropriately, `No Apology Included’.

Ashley is quite simply on the rise and rise and pours out her insight, wisdom and quirky loveable style in our podcast interview, so listen up!

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How Ashley got people to pay her to make 6 figures in 2011 and held herself accountable!
  • The key to writing lucid copy that totally rocks your clients world and makes your blog come alive
  • Three tips to ensure you write your best stuff on your blog, that actually sounds like you and attracts raving fans
  • Why it’s ok to change your business model from active to passive revenue streams and back again based on what you love doing

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