[TSE 37] How to Set Goals You Will Stick To and Achieve in 2013

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In under 24 hours we will be welcoming in 2013. So how are we going to make this new year stellar?

How can we quit making resolutions that fall apart in the first week and habits that just don’t stick?

Well I’ve done something a little different in this podcast episode. I’ve spilled the beans on how I set goals to achieve the business success I desire and how you can too.

That’s right sugar, it’s just you and me. No special guest today. It’s time to focus.

When we ONLY focus on our vision for our business and our life, then it makes it much easier to do everything in our power to make that vision a reality.

Each of our goals we set, and the strategies and objectives that support them, suddenly become so much more doable, because we have the big picture staring us in the face.

We have the WHY we’re doing what we’re doing. Then we do everything in our power to stay true to it.

Focus on Doing Less and Achieving More

The reason most people fail to keep their New Year Resolutions or stick to their well intentioned new habits is because they have made it too difficult from the get go.

I’m sure you’re just as guilty as I’ve been in the past when it comes to New Year resolutions.

You go ahead and write down ten or more wondrous goals you’d like to achieve that are not really realistic or aligned with anything you have on your calendar already for 2013.

In fact I just found my old note book from 2011 and wondered how on earth I ever thought I’d achieve every one of my ridiculous goals. They were so out of whack.

Needless to say, I think I only achieved 30% of them, and we can agree that sucks in terms of a success rating.

What you’ll learn:

  • What you really need to focus on to actually achieve more in 2013 than you ever have before
  • The first thing you need to do to make sure you stick to achieving your goals (hint: I allude to it above)
  • How to tackle fear which inevitably creeps in when you start making big bold plans in the New Year
  • Why I will write the Suitcase Entrepreneur book by my birthday in 2013 and how I know I’ll meet this goal
  • How you can make a bold statement like this and achieve it too
  • Exactly how to use my One Page Business Plan to create your ideal 2013 business results

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Your One-Page Business Plan

‘Cos I’m a generous kind of gal, as I mention in my podcast, I am giving you my One Page Business Plan template for a tweet or share on Facebook.

Normally just reserved for the wonderful people who buy my BYOB guide, today is your lucky day!

But by putting this highly valuable document in your hands, I’m charging you with actually COMPLETING it, otherwise it’s useless.

Oh and today would be the perfect day to put aside up to 60 minutes to do just that.

Holding yourself accountable

There’s just one more thing I don’t talk about in this episode, that I think is highly important and the real clincher, in my mind, to keep your momentum and stay focused on your goals.

That is accountability – whether in the form of an accountability partner, a mentor, a really good friend who will kick your ass or a coach.

You know there’s a reason why you get in shape with a personal trainer at the gym, they hold you accountable to turn up and do the workout.

They encourage and incentivize you to achieve your goals and whip you into shape when you get lazy.

I get a dose of this myself when I speak to my two weekly accountability partners and through a number of Facebook Groups I belong to. It really works!

New Year Recommendation

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