[151] How To Turn Bad Customers Into Your Biggest Fans

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It’s inevitable that, at some point the lifetime of your business, you will encounter a customer that, simply put is just a dickhead.

Who’s mere ignorance or rudeness just makes you want to let rip. Who’s email has just ruined your day.

And while customer service ‘gurus’ will tell you to always act with the best intentions of the customer in mind, I’d like to challenge that advice.

I am EXTREMELY fortunate to receive less than a handful (and I mean count on one hand) requests for refunds in a YEAR.

Either people aren’t telling me when they’re not happy, but not feeling so unhappy they feel like getting their money back, or my products rock their world – I’d like to think it’s the latter.

To refund or refund, that is the question?

My internal policy is to give a refund no matter what. When in doubt, just give them the refund.

You don’t want the hassle of arguing with them really do you? It’s a small act, it doesn’t take long and it serves you well in the future as they may still buy from you and you took care of it quickly and let it go.

For me, it’s no skin off my back that they get to keep my digital guide. I like to think they might actually pass it on to someone who likes it and becomes a repeat customer down the track.

My policy on higher price items like programs or events is usually implicitly written on the sales page.

For example on my Freedom Plan program, I have an Action Taking Money Back Guarantee – you have to show me you’ve turned up, done the work and completed the exercises set in 30 days and you’ll get your money back in full.

For retreats I say no refunds will be given 60 days out as I’ve often already invested in hotels, events spaces, meeting rooms, tours and such.

What I’m talking about today is the customer you know just has a bad attitude, or a gripe that really isn’t to do with you, and you feel like proving a point and making an example of them…because you can!

In this week’s Fresh in 15 podcast I wrapped this whole ‘bad customer turned good’ sucker up in 10 mins!

I have actually given you a blow by blow example of how I took a sad-ass email complaint, proved implicitly that the error was in their hands, gave them a refund and turned the entire situation around, and how you can apply this method too.

Listen to this episode now.

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What’s in it for me?

  • How to deal with rude, unhappy or downright dickhead customers and get a great result
  • What to consider before giving refunds and what your policy should be

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