[148] Why Adventure, Business and Philanthropy are a Perfect Trio with Scott Brills

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148 QuoteMy motto for the Suitcase Entrepreneur has been Create freedom in business and adventure in life for as long as I’ve run my business. It’s also something I live and breathe by.

But I have to say I’m put to shame when it comes to real adventuring by my good friend Scott Brills. He’s managed to make a full-time gig out of doing what he loves, going on crazy adventures and giving back. A pretty perfect trio for a full life!

How does 3,500km (2,200 mile) on a pan-Indian Rickshaw Run adventure in 3 weeks sound while helping to provide clean water and sanitation? Or driving an old car from London to Mongolia to raise money to build a kindergarten? Or organizing yet another group outing to Burning Man to just party like a rockstar?

From a web development firm and consulting, to travel hacking and now setting up a safari business, Scott has much to teach us all about the importance of adding adventure into our lives and combining that with entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

As I discovered in our interview, it’s not just about the challenge, it’s about incorporating this into your way of life and using the lessons learned to improve your business and life on every front.

But how do you choose your adventures, schedule them in, and make it sustainable, enjoyable and profitable?

Listen to this episode to find out.

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • How energizing, tiring, logistically fun it really is to organize your adventures and itinerary for a year
  • How Scott took all the things he loved and was good at to create a business and lifestyle he loved
  • Scott’s favorite adventure to date, how he fits them in and why they’re so important to him
  • Why it’s important to go on adventures and what they teach you
  • The surprising challenges of doing business from anywhere and how to handle them
  • Scott’s favorite travel hacking tips

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