[TSE 146] How to Earn a Full-Time Income from AirBnB with Jasper Ribbers

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146 QuotesWhen I’m traveling the world one of my favorite services to use to book and stay in accommodation for short or long term is AirBnB, whether I want to book into a treehouse, castle, plane (no, for real!) or apartment in each destination I go to.

And I’m not the only one. So many people love using AirBnB and being an AirBnB host that a whole sub economy has sprung up from it.

What’s more it’s allowed people to earn a full-time income from renting out their room, apartment, house or villa and created a new set of jobs for people who can leverage it.

For example people are earning great money as AirBnB letting managers, by helping hosts manage their apartments – such as handing over keys, organizing cleaning and welcoming guests.

In some cities it’s almost put hotels out of business, and hiked up normal rental rates for residents because AirBnB hosts can get more from someone staying for a week vs a whole month.

This phenomenon is reaching its peak right now and so I turned to the ‘expert’ on getting paid for your pad, Jasper Ribbers, who’s built his entire business around helping hosts make the most of their listings and how to earn more on AirBnB.

After giving up a well paid financial job back in Amsterdam and Chicago, he traded in the stock market 4 years ago to leave everything behind, travel the world and figure out what to do with his life.

Now he’s written the definitive book on Getting Paid for your Pad, has a podcast on AirBnB hosting, and launched a Udemy course to learn how to make the most of your AirBnB listing.

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • What Jasper’s family thought of his decision to quit the corporate world to travel full-time
  • The best ways to use AirBnB to create another income stream and how to be a great AirBnB host
  • How to go the extra mile and make your room or home the best possible experience for your AirBnB visitors
  • What to watch out for if you’re planning on doing this for yourself and future AirBnB changes to be aware of
  • How to write and self publish a bestselling book in a very short amount of time

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