[TSE 144] Why Rebranding and Mindset Shifts Are Good For Business with Holly Worton

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144 QuoteI’m all about keeping it real and so, from time to time, on my podcast I bring in clients and listeners who are on their own entrepreneurial journey, because I believe you actually can learn more from people right in the heart of it, then someone who figured it all out a decade ago.

Both types of guests on my show provide you with a very all-rounded learning experience in my mind. Sometimes when I bring on super successful guests who look like they’ve got it made, I know it can be very intimidating or it feels too far out of your reach for you to think it’s possible to achieve what they have for yourself.

I remember when I was starting out in business I’d emulate the people who’d already achieved what I was after, but I’d learn the most from those people a few years or steps ahead of me as they were happy to show me exactly what they were doing to make things work and the mistakes they’d just made so I didn’t have too.

That’s why I’m so happy to have Holly Worton on the show, who I first met in 2011 when I took my BYOB Build Your Online Business workshop to London.

I’ve loved seeing her morph and rebrand over the last few years until finally settling on the path that most suits her and feels aligned with who she is and what she wants to achieve.

From starting her very first business in 1999 in the hospitality world, to taking a year off in 2009 to figure out what to do next, to 4 years in a row of tweaking, changing, rebranding, refocusing and rebranding again – you can learn a lot from Holly.

The biggest takeaway is that mindset is key to it all and that’s what she’s mastering now and helping others do the same.

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • How Holly started her business online and how she got her first client
  • How do you position yourself when you don’t have a network,  clients or history or credibility.
  • Holly’s top tips and tactics to use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to market your business
  • Why Pinterest is a powerhouse marketing platform for entrepreneurs
  • The common mindset trap that so many entrepreneurs fall into
  • How to change your mindset and her favourite technique for doing this

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Why rebranding and mindset shifts are good for business with @hollyworton


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