[TSE 143] How to Schedule Your Non Conventional Lifestyle

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One of the most common questions I get asked all the time is “Where in the world are you right now Natalie?”

Up until this point I’d just tell them, but I realized no-one, not even my family, can really keep track. In the past I’ve dabbled with a Google Doc of my upcoming travels or a shared calendar, but now I’ve got a better solution!

I’ll point them to this page called Where in the World Am I?

Because it’s damn cool to see your entire year ahead in a visual timeline, complete with photos and a few key details. This page is using a cool free WP plugin called Timeline Express.

As you can see my year is taking me from South East Asia, to North America, to Europe and back to North America…for now.

I’m speaking at events, playing Ultimate Frisbee, visiting friends, staying put in a few cities for longer periods and running retreats, plus launching my Freedom Plan program.

In this episode I talk through my year ahead, how to plan your year when you’re living a location independent or unconventional life, and what key tools will help you organize your weeks.

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • Where in the heck I’m traveling to in 2015 and where we can meet up!
  • How the heck to schedule your life to avoid timezone issues, missed appointments and travel stress
  • Which key tools will make scheduling so much easier

Key Resources:

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