[TSE 141] 3 Secrets Every Traveling Entrepreneur Should Know Before They Go

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Let’s get a little deep and meaningful here shall we. I’d like to spill 3 secrets you really ought to know if traveling the world, taking in the sights and sounds, having amazing experiences and successfully running your business sounds dreamy to you.

It ain’t always a piece of cake. It’s not always easy. It can be downright frustrating and it’s not for the faint-hearted.

There are factors that come into play when you’re traveling that you have no control over and that most people fail to mention because they’re pretty used to or adept at managing them now, and because ultimately you’re going to have to learn them through experience too.

But if I can help even a little to prepare you for the realities of life on the road, then you know I always will.

So, in this week’s Fresh in Fifteen I’m giving you tips if you’re taking off to travel and run your business from the road. Go on; listen in!

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 What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • The ONE factor that can make or break any traveling entrepreneur’s day
  • The only attitude to adopt to be able to deal with the unexpected
  • Why you need to schedule in processing time either side of any trip

Key Resources:

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