[TSE 140] How to Optimize Your Blog Sales Funnel with Yaro Starak

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140 - How to Optimize Your Blog Sales Funnel with Yaro StarakThink back to the 90’s when the Internet properly started making its way into people’s homes. With dial up speeds that could rival that of a snail, imagine what it was like back then to start an online business?

Well, Yaro Starak did and in doing so has become one of the first Internet Marketer’s I know (alongside people like Frank Kern and Ali Brown) who made money online.

Yaro has quite a ‘magical’ story of getting started online as he based his business around his love of the game Magic: The Gathering – which I’ll admit I knew nothing about.

Moving forward he has successful created and sold several other online businesses before settling on blogging and helping others make money from theirs, and having a $1 million dollar launch around a blogging program.

Today he is a master of blogging sales funnels with a wicked amount of knowledge and experience in growing an email list and creating digital products. To find out how you can take his lead and start profiting from your blog, listen in now!

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • How his love of gaming gave Yaro his start online as one of the first successful Internet Marketers
  • How he took proofreading gigs, turned it into a profitable business and learned how to scale it
  • The secret behind his successful blog and how he monetized it so effectively
  • The psychology behind an email sales funnel and how you can apply it to your own business to automate the sales of your digital products/services
  • The 2 things that every entrepreneur should do in the beginning to optimize your funnel and make longterm sales

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