[TSE 131] How to Ride The Next Wave of Future Trends

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Each year I like to sit down, pull out my crystal ball and make my predictions for the future trends. In other words I like to read up on the futurists and what they believe is going to happen in the years to come.

I think we all want to know what’s going to be hot in business, the best tools to try, apps to download or strategies to apply so that you can get ahead in business right?

I typically culled together these trends into one great post so I could share these predictions with you.

But this year things are different, when all of a sudden I came across a great article in Mind Food magazine on future forecast: predictions for 2015 and beyond. I really enjoyed the article because it was smart and frankly took a lot of the work out of what I’d normally do.

So in this Fresh in 15 episode I want to share with you the most important of these trends to apply to your own business.

As online entrepreneurs I think it’s incredibly important to focus on where we are heading, get in on the first wave and start integrating them into everything we’re doing. So without further ado, let’s talk about the top trends that are hitting 2015 and why you need to get in on them now.

Tell me; What do you think of these trends? Weigh in down in the comment section below.

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • The sharing economy and how it may affect your business
  • How you approach your social platforms and why it may need some freshening up
  • How to get the most out your online data and monetize your relationships
  • Privacy and problems online and the best way to deal with them
  • How to connect with friends all over the world and why it’s becoming such a major trend

Key Resources:

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