[TSE 128] Using Business Expertise to Better the World with Luke Mysse

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128 - Luke QuoteCreating and growing your own business is not a journey for the fainthearted. You almost always go into it with a vision and a dream, plug away at it for years, but somewhere along the way you start to lose focus or motivation.

You forget what it was that drove you to start out in the beginning and you begin to feel less than enchanted with what you’ve created for yourself.

Re-evaluating your vision is such a humbling experience; one I experienced and wrote about after my time in Samoa. Like our guest Luke Mysse, after years of building something super solid, I realized I had changes to make.

What’s interesting about Luke’s story is how he transitioned from solopreneur back into a team after discovering his love of working with others and realizing his strengths. Not only that, but how he changed his focus from building a business to following his passions and supporting worthwhile causes; like the fight to end severe acute malnutrition.

Plus if you’re into cycling, he may inspire you to just jump on a bike and set off on an epic journey…

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • Luke’s early start into the world of entrepreneurship and why he decided to walk away from the business he built
  • How cycling across America changed his life and business
  • Why he prefers to work in a team versus being a solopreneur – something many people struggle with
  • His tips on how to stay inspired in business when the going gets tough
  • What pushed him to focus on Cycle Cause and what he learned about himself in doing so

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Can your business expertise be used to better the world? Find out how @LukeMysse is using his to combat malnutrition.

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