[TSE 124] The Importance of Tools, Systems and Discipline with Chris Brogan

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124 - Chris QuoteI want you to take a moment to think of some of your fave top successful business owners – like Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey. What do you think all of these wickedly accomplished entrepreneurs have in common?

It’s not wealth, celebrity or influence; though they have that in spades.

No, it’s something much more basic and fundamental, and it’s something every entrepreneur needs if they want to succeed. Tools, systems and discipline are the underlying foundation for success as today’s podcast guest Chris Brogan knows all too well.

Chris is the CEO of Owner Media Group and social media expert who has figured out over the years, that the best way to accomplish your goals is by having the right tools, creating systems that allow you to work like you’re on vacation, and being disciplined enough to own your life, business and future.

Of course he didn’t just walk into business knowing this; he had to learn it over the years. To find out how you can better your biz and lifestyle just click play above or  download this in iTunes or on Stitcher Radio.


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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • Chris’ journey to success and all the turns he took to get there
  • The tops tools and process Chris recommends for achieving daily success
  • Chris’s 5-by-5 scheduling process that allows him to stay on top of everything – you may be surprised by his #1 priority
  • Why you need systems if you want to be successful
  • The problem with focusing on the packaging and not enough on the actual product, and how to fix this 

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