[TSE 112] Why You Should Use Wealth & Talent Dynamics When Starting Your Business with Osmaan Sharif

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112 - Osmaan QuoteSome people are born with the entrepreneur bug. They know from an early age that they don’t fit into the corporate world, wouldn’t like being under tight fisted management, but would rather be their own boss. Osmaan Sharif was not one of these people though.

Scottish born Osmaan, dreamed of climbing the corporate ladder and as he moved through university to job hunting, he worked towards achieving this goal. He found his ideal job, started working his way up the ladder and even skipped a rung or two. It didn’t take long for him to realize his ideal job, wasn’t exactly what he wanted.

After being introduced to Neuro Lingusistic Programming (NLP), he found his calling. Moving into coaching an training he used the power of NLP to help people better their businesses.

He wasn’t without his own struggles though. After stumbling upon the Wealth and Talent Dynamic test, he found his profile really resonated with him. It made him recognize what he was good at, how he designed his business and how he could tweak it to do things he loves and outsource his weaknesses.

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What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • How Osmaan went from wanting to climb the corporate ladder to becoming an entrepreneur
  • The rapid transformation formula to help you start and grow your business
  • How the Wealth and Talent Dynamics test changed how he ran his business and an intro to his profile
  • How his desire to use NLP led him to start his own business
  • The difference between profiles and how they can affect your business (we break down my Star Profile as an example!)
  • Where he initially started finding his team

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