[TSE 111] How to Build a Successful Brand and Achieve Peak Personal Performance with Aubrey Marcus

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111 - Aubrey QuoteWe all want to better ourselves, but would you build an empire doing this? Well, this week’s guest Aubrey Marcus sure did.

Aubrey has always been fascinated in the pursuit of self-improvement. An all around athlete, he grew up with a medical mom who liked to test out different supplements on him and he learned at a young age how important it is to be aware of what goes into your body.

After graduating college he decided to start a marketing company and got his chops hacking it out in the beginning. A few years after starting this he decided to follow his passion for self-improvement and use what he learned from his marketing company and implement that in a new venture, Onnit.

Partnering with Joe Rogan, he built a supplementation company that combines nature’s best with science to create unique products to help get your body and mind to achieve peak performance.

Aubrey stands behind his products and has graciously offered a $100 voucher for Onnit.com to one lucky listener. All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment below telling us why you could benefit from one of his products.

To find out his philosophy on taking care of your body, getting your brand and vision out there, and becoming successful click play above or  download this in iTunes or on Stitcher Radio (and do not forget to leave a review as these help others to find and enjoy my podcast).

What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • How Aubrey got his start and honed his skills
  • Tips on how to sell physical products online successfully
  • Why it’s crucial to have an audience to help build your brand and how you can do this by forming alliances
  • Which product is best for entrepreneurs to keep them focused
  • A glimpse into his vision for the future
  • How he stays focused and takes care of himself for personal peak performance

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