[TSE 104] Empowering the Western Woman and Living Free with Nisha Moodley

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104 - Nisha QuoteYou know that freedom is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Creating freedom in business and my life isn’t just a philosophy for me, it is something I live and breathe every single day.

It’s not very surprising then, that I feel connected to others who live and breath this lifestyle as well.

Nisha Moodley is another freedom loving entrepreneur. She is a women’s empowerment trainer who strongly believes in the Western woman and whose mission and resourcefulness are closely aligned with my own. She aims to educate, empower and inform everyone on the concepts of entrepreneurship and being free.

A fellow traveler, Nisha shares her secrets on how she manages her business on the go, how she balances work and adventure to get the most out of her life, and she also shares some incredibly amazing philosophies on what she refers to as “focused hustle” and the importance of figuring out the “why” of your business.

To listen to this beautiful soul and eloquent speaker, click on the play button at the top or download this in iTunes or on Stitcher Radio (and while you’re at it feel free to rate and leave us a review!)

Here is what you will learn in the podcast:

  • How to deliver even better service and still maintain your  freedom
  • Why you should start with “why” you’re doing it – not how or what
  • Some tips on how to help you break your unproductive routine
  • Her thoughts on outsourcing and what she really thinks on micro-management
  • Her thoughts on going bi-coastal before you can afford it
  • How to live the freedom goal

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Twitter Logo@AskNisha says to find your ‘why’ in business in this podcast. What is your ‘why’?

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