[TSE 36] Embracing the Barefoot Nomad Lifestyle and Building a Business and Blog On Your Own Terms

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Micki Kosman

Barefoot Nomads Charles and Micki Kosman

Micki and Charles Kosman have been to numerous locations around the globe and have been traveling and living in different destinations for over 10 years now.

They both love travel and technology and have managed to combine both their loves into living a barefoot nomad lifestyle on their own terms.

Both Micki and Charles have a background in IT and used to take on contracts for 6 months, save up and then take off for 6 months on their travels. That worked really successfully for a while, but then they realised they weren’t truly living their ideal lifestyle.

It was fun living a full life while they were traveling, but coming back to a cubicle and working on these contracts after their travels was soul crushing.

Leaving the Golden Handcuffs for Freedom

So earlier this year they decided to take a big leap of faith, forgo the golden handcuffs (Micki’s term for a secure income) and go it alone, by using their IT skills to build their niche website on travel insurance and run their travel blog The Barefoot Nomad.

A big part of this has come from having a family in tow too. As a result they have changed their traveling habits over the years from light backpacks and dodgy hostels to larger backpacks and reputable accommodations, to basing themselves in one place for a year and going on multiple adventures from there.

They simply adore travel and love to share that joy with their children who have been lucky enough to head on adventures to Cuba, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the USA, with more to come.

They’re currently in Kamloops, Canada for a 1 year contract and to enjoy their time with friends and family after being in Hawaii, and spending two months in Mexico and two months in Costa Rica.

If you want to know how to travel like this and live life on your terms, then this episode of the Suitcase Entrepreneur Podcast is for you.

Listen to this podcast interview with Micki Kosman to learn:

  • How they create a homebase for a year with their family and take long trips in between while making money online
  • The best options for travel insurance for suitcase entrepreneurs and digital nomads
  • Valuable tips for backpackers with children and how to change it up to suit your family needs
  • Why it’s so important to live life on your own terms and forgo the security of a paid job and the cubicle
  • The many varied ways you can make money as a travel blogger even when just starting out

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