[245] The Traditional Workplace is Coming to an End

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Ask the average person and they’ll probably tell you that they’d prefer to be doing something other than sitting in their office at a 9-5 job. .

When FlexJobs surveyed 2,600 office employees in August 2015, the majority said they actually prefer doing their most important tasks outside of the office.

Digital nomads and location independents like me (and probably you if you’re reading my blog) are a fast growing sub-sector of the population who work remotely, and believe just that.

We’ve designed our ideal lifestyle by utilizing the increasingly mobile technology that’s available, allowing us to work on the go from anywhere in the world that we currently desire. New York? The beach in Bali? The world is our oyster.

All we really need is a laptop, internet connection, and a business model that lets us work from anywhere or a boss with some faith.

The rise of this modern nomadic lifestyle has been covered extensively in a new infographic from Bargain Fox and SavvyBeaver. It reveals that in 1990 only around 5% of the US population were “freelancers” and back then this meant somebody fortunate enough to have a computer and dial-up internet at home.

Today as we approach 30%, many freelancers are not just trading the dull office cubicle for the spare room at home, they’re trading both for experiences further afield.

Digital nomads include everyone from the high powered entrepreneur to your average freelance programmer. What’s exciting is that because technology is so accessible even those at the lowest end of the pay grade are still able to make it work.

It’s not just a freelancer’s world either. An increasing number of large companies are employing people remotely and allowing them to be nomads.

Take my fave accommodation marketplace AirBNB. Their workforce is 50% remote. Viral news website BuzzFeed also has half of their employees working from wherever they desire.

Automattic – the company behind leading blogging software WordPress – are one of the first to adopt a 100% remote workforce. They don’t even have an office and stay in contact with employees through their own online message board.

Employees couldn’t be happier with the self autonomy provided by remote work, whereas the company itself benefits from being able to hire anybody from around the world, rather than somebody who can commute to the workplace. They also save a great amount of money by not having to pay for an office space.

Indeed, the future for the digital nomad and distributed workforces looks bright. Experts believe that by 2030 nearly half of the US working population could fit that mould and I imagine that will apply in many other western countries too and emerging economies.

Advances in technology will make the whole process easier, with faster and broader internet coverage, cheaper and faster travel (and completely new modes of transport as well). Supportive online communities and apps are also set to grow.

Even those that need a few extra facilities beyond their laptop are being catered to with co-working spaces that are open to anyone passing through.

If you (like many people out there) dread getting up in the morning to go to the office, chances are that soon you simply won’t have to. 

In this Fresh in Fifteen episode, we are going to talk about digital nomads, the remote work revolution and a case study about running a startup from Bali vs London and all the factors you can consider to choose where you’d start and grow a business.

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