Top 20 Women For Entrepreneurs To Follow on Twitter

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As you may have noticed I’m a big believer in using Social Media as an integrated part of your business marketing approach. I also love coaching people where I can in how to use it effectively for their unique business situation.

Twitter has blown my mind with the ability it has given me to connect with a diverse range of terrific people from all around the world.

I’ve been able to reach people I may never have even discovered or had the chance to contact. In return people have found me completely by random and become fans of my blog thanks to links I’ve shared or retweets I’ve received from others in my community.

For all those people who don’t understand Twitter or bad mouth it – you’re missing out! If you want to know my key tips for using it for business and beyond then get your free copy of my eBook `The Entrepreneur’s Social Media Workout’.

Today I want to focus on profiling a few of the awesome women I’ve had the pleasure to connect with on Twitter. I recommend you follow them and here’s why: I appreciate their advice, their sharing of great information, their support, their style and the unique energy they give to women the world over.

If you enjoy this let me know and I can feature it regularly. There are so many more to mention!

Top 20 Women to Follow on Twitter for Business, Marketing, Technology advice and more

  1. Ali Brown @AliBrownLA
    A self-made millionaire entrepreneur and a mentor to women around the world, helping them start and grow businesses and live extraordinary lives.
  2. Aliza Sherman @alizasherman
    Strategist, Futurist, Speaker. Co-founder Conversify (social media marketing agency). Founded Cybergrrl/Webgrrls. Alaska-based World Traveler.
  3. Kathy Meyer @2cre8
    eMarketing trends and technology enthusiast. She believes in balance and simplicity of design + form + function. She’s a Mompreneur, Foodie, Art, Music and iPhone lover.
  4. Maren Kate @MarenKate
    Entrepreneur, start up starter, blogger and all around quirky chick.
  5. Carrie Wilkerson @barefoot_exec
    Consultant/Strategist for work at home professionals. She aims to educate, empower, encourage & entertain men & women pursuing biz goals with integrity & passion!
  6. Francine Allaire @thedaringwoman
    Founder of The Daring Woman™, Founding Partner of Supreme Social Media, Business Matchmaker, Social Media, Alliance and JV Strategist, Daring Lifestyle Designer
  7. Linda Hughes @iempoweru
    Loves entrepreneurs – their inquisitive minds, fighting spirit & that persistence that moves mountains! Totally supportive of them in every way.
  8. Anita Campbell @smallbiztrends
    CEO, Small Business Trends, an online small biz community reaching over 250,000 each month. Delivers small business success daily.
  9. Simone Brummelhuis @thenextwoman
    Founder of The Next Women Business Magazine which features Female Heroes and News Interviews. Funding Community Founder Entrepreneur CEO TV Pitching Events Speaker – phew!
  10. Karmen Reed @kickofftopic
    Provies marketing solutions through social media, online visibility and positive attitude. Loves to travel, cook and read.
  11. Melissa Galt @prosperbydesign
    Dream Maker, Profit Architect, Social Media Muse, Life Designer, Tastemaker, Style Visionary, Foodie, Bungee Jumper, Adventurer, Optimist, Speaker, Author (clearly a keyword specialist 😉
  12. Anastasia Ashman @Thandelike
    Expat+HAREM neo-culture entertainment writer & producer. A Berkeley native who resides in Istanbul. TEDGlobalist. Hybrid identity adventuress. Seeker of the global niche.
  13. Natalia @nakisnakis
    Founder & CEO of Pipeline (@PipelineWomen). Tweets about: #womeninnovators, #socent, @NYWSE, Gen Y, LGBTQ issues, OrgPsych, Healthcare, PopCulture & Gadgets
  14. Kristi Colvin @kriscolvin
    Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Fresh ID. Creator of Twitterface. Opinionated user, brand experience designer & customer advocate.
  15. Anita Borg @AnitaBorg_org
    Helping technical women connect with each other, resources and opportunities through her work at the nonprofit Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology
  16. Coles Johnson @IndieBusiness
    Mom. Indie Beauty Network, Indie Business Podcast. One-time practicing attorney. Award-winning smallbiz advocate.
  17. Manishka Thakor @ManishaThakor
    Personal Finance Expert for Women.
  18. Tina Cook @TinaCook
    Social Media Marketing Mentor and Strategist and Guerrilla Marketing Coach, loves life by the Indian Ocean, photographing and creating inspiring visuals.
  19. Elena Verlee @ElenaVerlee
    Loves to Talk About PR, Building a Biz and Living Life Fully. Has built 6 and 7-fig businesses, has 2 kids and lives in 2 countries. Has a great blog called PR in your Pajamas
  20. Melinda Emmerson @SmallBizLady
    Melinda Emerson is Host of #SmallBizChat, author, speaker, and smallbiz coach. Expertise in smallbiz start-up, social media marketing & developing content.

I would LOVE for you to add your own top women to follow in the comments section so we can all benefit and connect.

  • Caro Dunlop

    Thanks for this list. I follow some of these geat women, but will definitely add the others.

    I own Optimum Body Sculpting, I would love for you to follow me if you are looking to learn how to lose weight and keep it off for good, @bodysculpter

    • Natalie

      Thanks Caro. Great to have you on here. I will definitely come tweet with you. Thanks for the connection.

  • Natalie – I’m honored to be in such great company! I <3 Twitter too and so happy to have made this connection!

    Did you put together a Twitter list by any chance? Would love to easily follow everyone back!

    Thanks for this post.


    • Natalie

      Thanks for your visit Elena. I didn’t put it together by chance so much as pulled it together in the last few days as I realised I wanted to honour those women who I follow and continually do great stuff. Glad you like. I didn’t put together a Twitter list, great idea. I have my own lists that I use myself but will get on to creating one for this!

  • Great List- Some I follow regular and now the others I will add. Keep on rocking!

    • Natalie

      Glad you like it Carole thanks. Any others you wish to add?

  • These sound like such fantastic women! I have so much to learn from them. Have added to my follows…

    • Natalie

      Great to hear Sandra. Feel free to suggest other fantastic women to follow.

  • Thanks for including me (@Thandelike), Natalie, it’s an honor. Lots of good leads here I plan to follow — like @prosperbydesign!

    Thanks too for asking for other suggestions of interest to women entrepreneurs. Here are some I like:

    @taraagacayak (inspiration for creative entrepreneurs, support for matching what you love to a viable business),
    @thecreativepenn (for Web 2.0 writers, authors, self-publishers),
    @irinajordan (a marketing strategist who goes to all the interesting conferences and tweets them ever-so-well), @MyMarrakesh (a boutique hotel owner and writer whose brilliant example of natural social media use is a daily lesson)….

    • Natalie

      Fantastic thanks Anastasia. Some excellent ladies to follow and engage with. I’ll add them to the WomanzWorld list I must create!

  • good to see anastasia on this list read her book you wont put it down till you finished.


    • Natalie

      Thanks Brian. Feel free to provide a link to her book so we can get our hands on it

  • Wahiba

    Cybele Negris: @cybelenegris
    Tiffany Shlain: @TiffanyShlain

    • Natalie

      Of course how could I possibly not include the lovely Cybele and thanks for the intro to Tiffany. Everyone should check out you as well Wahiba on @CarrotLines and the great iPhone app you’ve developled

  • I love following Kathy Korman Frey at @ChiefHotMomma. I’m sure I could think of lots more, but it’s early …

    • Natalie

      Awesome Kelly, that’s a hot tip and of course yourself @kellywatson with your fab marketing tips and insights

  • Excellent list. I follow some of them, they tweet some really nice stuff. Its great to know about the others too.

  • Kathy Korman Frey

    Thanks to @KellyWatson of One Woman Marketing for the shout out. Love Kelly’s profile on Twitter “One woman on a mission to prove that marketing doesn’t have to suck.”


  • Thank you Natalie, this is awesome! Thank you for including me in your list with these incredible women, some I’m proud to call good Twitter friends. These great women keep my Social Media pencil sharpened @MariSmith @ChristinaHills @DeniseWakeman @JuliePerry

    • Natalie

      Some more fab suggestions. Thank you Tina. I’ll add them to the list

  • Charles David

    To all the smart and talented women mentioned on this list congratulations. You all deserve it! I will try my very best to follow you all on twitter. Keep up the wonderfully amazing work and the way you are changing lives every day. You opinions have always mattered and always will!

    • Natalie

      Well put Charles, that’s the whole reason I put this first list together. More to come for sure

  • Wow, this has been such a treat! Thank you Natalie. Of course I love twitter and entrepreneurs. Twitter – never in human history can so many participate in a daily conversation about their world and lives. This conversation will change the world – for the better. Entrepreneurs you are in the right place at the right time. It is your time. The world needs you to step up, get educated on how to go the distance and then run with your ideas and energy. In return, the rest of us need to give you help with business development, access to capital and the connections you need to succeed. Rock on Natalie, you are supreme!

    • Natalie

      Trust you Linda to come on here and fire people up and inspire them to succeed. Your energy is amazing!

  • @marismith is AMAZING. So smart in social media.
    @maggiefox with socialmedia group is a class act.
    @prmoxie does such nice work in the food world and beyond. She’s a must have on this list.

    • Natalie

      Thanks Cathy, these are great suggestions. I’ll add them in now too.

  • Great list. Have it earmarked to dive into and learn more. I recently did a post, based on an extraordinary woman I met through social media. She sent me an email describing what she was all about. I replied in kind through my blog. It seems to have struck a core with folks. I’d LOVE to have the women answer it in kind. I think how we define ourselves is a meaningful map with illuminating guideposts.

    • Natalie

      Lee-Anne do post the link here so we can read it. I think it would be interesting to link up all the people I’ve met through Social Media and how it started. I often ask people how they first came to find my blog and go from there. It’s amazing what comes out of it.

  • Hi Natalie,

    Thank you so much for including me on the list (@thedaringwoman). What an awesome surprise and an honor to be in the company of such brilliant and inspirational women. I’m thrilled to be of service by inspiring and empowering women entrepreneurs globally to dare to dream big, be their best self, live their best life and create a successful business doing what they love in spite of any fears, circumstances, challenges or setbacks. Hence to be daring enough to pursue our dreams with passion and gusto!
    Daringly yours,

    • Natalie

      Wow what a comment, and that Francine is way you’re on the list. Anyone who dares people to live a brilliant life is always top of my list!

  • Natalie, thanks for sharing an awesome list. The information and experience that these entrepreneurs bring to the table, helps all of us to succeed. Great job!

  • So late to this party! When I was first getting started on Twitter I relied heavily on these kinds of posts because I had no idea who I should be following. Thanks @Thandelike for bringing up my name. So funny that we both moved to Istanbul from Northern California but ended up meeting on Twitter! I really like @entreprenette, she consistently puts out good stuff for people developing products. @indiebizchicks puts together great programs for do-it-yourself-ers. And @photobird is the perfect example of creative entrepreneur that I love to extol.

    • Natalie

      Great recommendations Tara. I had one already on my list so will look into the others.

  • Natalie, this is impressive. I have tried hard to put together a list like this. Daring women like these should be featured regularly to inspire others.


  • nice work thanks. I will follow them

  • nice work thanks. I will follow them

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