Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs To Follow On Twitter

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Top 10 Women to Follow on Twitter by Natalie Sisson

When I first started this blog I absolutely loved seeking out amazing women to connect with on Twitter. In July of 2010 I had this brainwave to start profiling them here so everybody could learn about who they are and connect with them too.

I started pulling together these lists of great women in business to follow on Twitter like in September when I wrote a hugely popular post on the Top 20 Women in Biz To Follow On Twitter.

As you can imagine these take some time as you want to do justice to each and every woman. Each month I’d produce another and I loved the comments I’d receive and introductions to new women that I should now include on these lists.

But then something happened. I stopped writing them and the last one I posted was back in January when I branched out into the Top 10 Women to Follow On Twitter For Inspiration And Motivation.

So the long and short of this are – they’re back. The Top 10 and 20 lists are going to be hitting this blog on a more regular basis. I will be branching out to top people to follow for travel related news and tips, lifestyle entrepreneurs, social media socialites and more.

Let me know in the comments what else you’d like to see and WHO you’d like to see included.

Sheri J. Caplan – @Pettistripes

Sheri is a former Wall Street professional and is currently writing a book about the history of women and Wall Street and also blogs about women and finance on her website PettiStripes. Follow her for tips about personal and business financial health.

Barbara Seifert – @drbabs

Barbara specializes in helping individuals take charge of their careers, find the work they love and enhance their professional development to peak performance through her company, Committed to Your Success Coaching & Consulting. She tweets about ways to reach success in your work and career.

Holly Green – @hollyggreen

Holly Green is a consultant, speaker, behavioral scientist and author. As the CEO and Managing Director of THE HUMAN FACTOR, Inc and author of More Than a Minute, she works with companies on strategic planning, organizational alignment and engagement. She tweets tips on helping leaders & managers become even more successful.

Holly Green Top 10 Women to follow on Twitter

Sasha Galbraith – @SashaGalbraith

Sasha is a partner with Galbraith Management Consultants where she is an expert on the topic of executive women hierarchy. She is the author of “Anatomy of a Business: What It Is, What It Does, and How It Works.” She focuses on woman designed organization and how women run their own companies differently than the male “norm.” She tweets stories about women in business and equality in the workplace.

Kiri Blakely – @KiriBlakeley

Kiri is the author of “Can’t Think Straight: A Memoir of Mixed-Up Love,” about the year after learning that her fiance was gay, and had been cheating on her with men. She is a long-time Forbes and Forbes Woman writer where she covers entertainment, celebrities, trends, models, and female-oriented stories. She tweets modern love reject stories and comments on current trends and pop culture.

Cheryl Isaac – @startupbiztalk

Cheryl is a start-up business strategist, author and the founder of a start-up business center for girls set to launch in West Africa in 2012. She believes that business should not be just business and dares to Make Business Personal. She tweets how to make business personal and start up business tips.

startupbiztalk top 10 women to follow on Twitter

Selena Rezvani – @nextgenwomen

Selena is an author, consultant and speaker on women and leadership. Her debut book, “The Next Generation of Women Leaders,” call for Generation X and Y women to seen as a talent pool for the future. Through her work with Women’s Roadmap, Selena has partnered with numerous organizations to create or improve a women’s initiative. Her mission is to increase the number of women in leadership.

Jessica Kleiman – @JessicaKleiman

Jessica is the Vice President, Public Relations at Hearst Magazine, one the world’s largest consumer media companies. She is the co-author of the book “Be Your Own Best Publicists How to Use PR Techniques to Get Noticed, Hired & Rewarded at Work.”

Meryl Weinsaft Cooper – @grape

Meryl is the managing director at DeVries Public Relations and is the co-author of the book “Be Your Own Best Publicists How to Use PR Techniques to Get Noticed, Hired & Rewarded at Work.” She tweets about social media, public relations and how to get yourself noticed in a digital workforce.

Anne Doyle – @AnneDoyleldr

Anne is a speaker, media commentator, consultant and the author of “Powering Up: How America’s Women Achievers Become Leaders.” Anne Doyle made her mark nationally in the late 70’s and early 80’s as one of the first women TV sports broadcasters in the U.S. to gain access to professional locker rooms. Her experience in sports broadcasting and as an auto industry executive has led her to understand the changing leadership environment upon which she speaks, tweets and consults.

Make sure you take a look at my Top 20 Twitter List where I add these wonderful women for you to follow in one click. You’ll find former women I’ve honoured on there too.