Toolkit Time Series 3: Unleash Your Inner Genius By Journaling With Penzu

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Welcome to Series #3 in Toolkit Time –  your Business Improvement series where each week I bring you a short video introducing a new online tool to add to your business toolkit and armory. The point is to make you more your business more savvy and streamlined, and to save you time and money too.

Each of these tools will fall under one of the chapters in my Ultimate Toolkit for Evolutionary Entrepreneurs that covers the most crucial areas of any business.

Introducing Penzu

It’s long been known that getting those thoughts out of your head and onto paper is a wise move.

In fact journaling has been known to reduce stress levels, improve your immune system and make you smarter. I know that I feel 100% more focused when I write for just 5 minutes in the morning.

The thing is I type much faster than I write and although I like the idea of writing in a journal and have over 20 full diaries at home from my younger years, there’s something about being able to keep a private one on line.

So I was delighted when Sarah Prout introduced me to Penzu as part of Adventures In Manifesting. This simple tool looks just like a real journal except it’s online.

Here’s my quick tour of why this is such a great tool to start your day off with.

Extra Hot Tip: I write in Penzu after doing 5-10 minutes of yoga first thing, then  I enter in 5 things that

I’m grateful for on HappyTapper’s `Gratitude Journal!’ application- part of a suite of apps that improve your life.

It makes for a seriously great start to the day

How do you start your day off to be seriously successful?