Toolkit Time Series #2: The Last Password You’ll Ever Have To Remember

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Welcome to Series #2 in Toolkit Time –  your Business Improvement series where each week I bring you a short video introducing a new online tool to add to your business toolkit and armory. The point is to make you more your business more savvy and streamlined, and to save you time and money too.

Each of these tools will fall under one of the chapters in my Ultimate Toolkit for Evolutionary Entrepreneurs that covers the most crucial areas of any business.

Introducing Lastpass

This week’s super handy tool falls under the Virtual Office Setup and is quite possibly your best new friend. If you’re anything like me and can never remember all your login usernames and passwords, or are constantly hitting the `I’ve forgot my password, send me a reminder’ button on sites you frequent then welcome to Lastpass.

It is the last password you will ever have to remember. This groovy tool automatically stores your login details so that you don’t have to. It generates new passwords when you can’t think of one, auto fills your details and even auto logs-in for you. All encrypting and decrypting happens on your computer – no one at LastPass can ever access your sensitive data.

You can  save your passwords for similar sites under a group name so it’s easy to find in your Lastpass folders and even create multiple profiles so that when you visit a site that requires your entire personal history (ok over exaggeration) you can just let Lastpass fill it in for you according to what information is linked to that profile.

Yes gone are the days of typing up a page full of data including your address, phone number, credit card etc – Lastpass has you covered. Better yet it’s free! Plus the premium version is just $1 per month.

This super short but handy video shows you how it works. Enjoy.

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