Toolkit Time #4 Turn Your Gmail Inbox Into Rich Contact Profiles With Rapportive

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Welcome to Series #4 in Toolkit Time –  your Business Improvement series where each week I bring you a short video introducing a new online tool to add to your business toolkit and armory.

The point is to make you more your business more savvy and streamlined, and to save you time and money too.

Introducing Rapportive

I first wrote about Rapportive over on Forbes, then I made them a featured tool in my Ultimate Toolkit for Evolutionary Entrepreneurs. They then got a great write up in Mashable and recently I made them the key to the 7 Secrets To Making Your Inbox Your New Best Friend.

So what’s all the fuss about?

I’ll tell you what! Quite simply Rapportive is the best thing that I ever installed in my Gmail Inbox. It replaces the Google Ads you see on the right of any email you’re reading with rich information about the person emailing you. A marketer’s dream!

If I were Jerry Maguire I would say that Rapportive completes me. Learn exactly why in this short video.

Tell me what you think about Rapportive in the comments below.