Throw Boomerang at Your Gmail Inbox to Send and Receive Emails When You Want

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Boomerang for Gmail

Welcome back to Toolkit Time.

As you know every Tuesday I bring you one new online tool to make you productive, happier, sexier and – well perhaps not the last claim, but it’s all about delivering you value.


So what am I showing you this week? Well unlike my rather indepth, but super well received video, on the one and only social media dashboard to rule all your profiles – aka Hootsuite, this one is short and sweet.

What the heck is a Boomerang

boomerang is a flying tool with a curved shape used as a weapon or for sport according to Wikipedia and was is loved by all Australians. That was where the first `siting’ of a Boomerang was and while this Toolkit Time is about emails, I couldn’t help but capture the quote from that occasion:

..the white spectators were justly astonished at the dexterity and incredible force with which a bent, edged waddy resembling slightly a turkish scimytar, was thrown by Bungary, a native distinguished by his remarkable courtesy. The weapon, thrown at 20 or 30 yards [18 or 27 m] distance, twirled round in the air with astonishing velocity, and alighting on the right arm of one of his opponents, actually rebounded to a distance not less than 70 or 80 yards [64 or 73 m], leaving a horrible contusion behind, and exciting universal admiration.

Moving on. Imagine this brilliant description applied to your inbox.

Imagine hurling your emails into cyberspace and have them return hours later, days later, even weeks or months. How cool does that sound. You know you will get them back, but you’ll get them when you want to see them.

Even better imagine receiving an email and answering it straight away but throwing it out on a Boomerang for the time you want it to reach the person it’s addressed to.

Finally imagine emailing yourself a reminder if the person has not yet responded to your email – such as an advertiser you’re awaiting a response from, you can simply follow up with them again.

Welcome to Boomerang for Gmail (and Outlook)

I happened across this cool tool after talking to Benny about Language Hacking Tips and Becoming Fluent in 3 Months during our podcast. I loved how he as a very busy and popular blogger, uses it to look organized and efficient but not readily available on email. If you want to find out how you can listen to the podcast.

Boomerang is a simple Chrome and Firefox plugin for Gmail (and Outlook) that allows you to send mail when you want and receive reminders. Simple as that.

Watch my short and entertaining video featuring, none other than David Siteman Garland (by way of showing his email to me that I don’t want to look desperate to answer back…).

Can’t see this on your email? Click here to watch the video.

Boomerang is free for up to 10 `throws’ per month and then it starts at $4.99 and up.

While I don’t mention it in this video, Boomerang is available for Outlook for a one-off fee of $29.95.